CyberPower Aims to Provide High-Quality, Feature-Rich and Energy-Saving Power Solutions to its...

CyberPower Aims to Provide High-Quality, Feature-Rich and Energy-Saving Power Solutions to its Indian and Global Customers


In an interaction with NCN, Mr. Sandeep S. Shirodkar, Business Manager – All Verticals and MARCOM, shares their company’s policy, strategy, and business plan for India. Taiwan-based CyberPower is a global provider of power solutions. At its advanced technology manufacturing facilities, CyberPower builds a comprehensive line of power protection products, including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Racks, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Power Inverters, Surge Protectors, Mobile Chargers, power management software and computer peripheral accessories.

What is the mantra behind CyberPower success in providing cutting-edge power solutions in India?

As the global power management solution provider, CyberPower has been continuously offering high-efficiency power management products, ranging from UPS, PDUs, Power Inverters, Surge Protectors, Mobile Chargers, Solar Energy System, Power management software, to computer peripherals. With more than 20 years of experiences, CyberPower provides excellent hardware and software integration while keeping focusing on green solutions to the broad fields that the brand serves. CyberPower manufactures professional-grade high quality power protection equipment. These proven, trusted power management solutions meet the most critical requirements of home offices, small-to-medium businesses, corporate offices, healthcare, government, and education facilities. With the target at global branding, what we provide is not only an award-winning engineering excellence but a reliable and innovative power protection for the sense of secure. Partners or Customers Satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We always fulfil our customers’ requirements, support to them and maintain our relationship.

What milestones have you crossed in all these years?

Today, the main expectations of the consumers, who are more aware of technology and other aspects than ever before, are looking for features such as quality, reliability, green performance, etc. when making products-related decisions. CyberPower has gained significant success in more than 100 countries in Americas, Europe, APAC, etc., and has been expanding to India. CyberPower Carries: ISO9001/ISO14001, TL9000, IEC QC080000, UL, GreenPower UPS. CyberPower has their own 5 manufacturing sites, including 1 injection factory, dedicated 350+in-house R&D engineers around the world and 200+ exclusive patents granted in United States, Europe, Russia, Japan, Taiwan and China. Cyber Power is new to the Indian Market, but it is well established in world-wide with Global Reference. Considering the above factors, CyberPower is gaining superfluous demand for UPS in India also.


  • We have launched home UPS (BU600 | UT600) in 1997. The desktop UPS with automatic voltage regulation to offer power protection.
  • In 2001, we have launched Surged Protector which is ideal for home/office surge protection.
  • In 2003, Pure sine wave UPS we have launched.
  • In 2007, we have launchedLong Backup UPS, which is provided Non-stop power backup with guaranteed quality power output to support a wide range of applications.
  • In 2007–2008, we have launched Energy saving Technology. CyberPower’s patented GreenPower UPS energy-saving technology successfully improves UPS operating efficiency while also effectively reduces heat build-up.
  • In 2009 we have launched Datacentre UPS, PDU / ATS and Enterprises UPS for Enterprise Solutions.
  • In 2009–2010, we have launched solar power generating systems.
  • In 2012, we have got Energy Saving & Compatibility Certifications. ENERGY STAR certified UPS can also offer multi-mode which allows higher cost-performance ratio, thereby making the CyberPower UPS systems more competitive and attractive to retailers, buyers, and end consumers.
  • In 2013, we have launched our New Head Office in Mumbai, India.
  • We have selected to CRN 2013 to 2015 Data Center 100 Top and 20 Infrastructure Providers.
  • CyberPower’s Medical-Grade UPS product series recognized in the 2018 Power Management Technology categoryin the 2018 CRN Tech Innovator Awards.
  • We have launched our own Power-panel software in 2018.
  • We have been honored with 5-Star rating in the 2021 CRN Partner Program Guide in the US
  • And we are trying to achieve many more milestones in future.

Please tell us how you engage with your customers and partners?

Strong customer partnerships are a key component to building a successful company. It’s what keeps both organizations thriving and growing. These relationships are what makes the world go around and the economy grow, without each other there would be no successful business. The relationships aspect between a customer and a business is much more essential than one might think.

Customer service and support is the most competitive battleground, it’s where business is going to be won or lost. One of the most important aspects in building a successful partnership, is trust. We the CyberPower, a trusted UPS manufacturer, are always trust our business partners. We always respond to our customers in a timely manner. Customers and partners do business with people they like; it’s as simple as that. We build lifelong partnerships by trust and communications. We also know that once a partnership, it has to be continued and maintained. We organize ‘partner meets’ to engage and know one another for better relationships. There is no single logic that always works. Many times partners come with their own innovative business-related ideas, which are very useful for our progress. We regularly give our partners detailed information about our products and business policies.

How did you motivate your partners and engage with customers since the outbreak of pandemic in March 2020?

People throughout the world have been impacted by the Covid pandemic. At CyberPower, we are doing our part to help prevent the further spread of the virus. While supporting the needs of our customers, partners, employees and communities first, we always put the health, safety and security of people first. Our approach is grounded in our company’s purpose, which ensures that we continuously strive to make a difference for people in our communities and in our workplaces. We have been constantly monitoring the situation and adapting our efforts and responses accordingly. Here are some of the methods we have been following to protecting our employees, serve our partners and customers during these difficult times.

  • The safety of CyberPower’s employees is our highest priority. Around the world, local teams have closely followed guidance from health authorities to protect the health and safety of employees across offices, production, distribution and retail facilities.
  • Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have been focused on ensuring our products are delivered safely to the customers and partners, while taking every precaution to protect our employees’ well-being.
  • The safety and quality of our products are top priorities for us, and we can say with confidence that our products are safe.
  • To ensure our products’ availability, we maintain business continuity plans to address any supply chain challenges that could arise.

Every CyberPower product is built to order and customised to customer’s specific requirements. CyberPower systems go through an intense 24-72 hours of burn-in stress testing, the duration of which is dependent upon the complexity of your system. Today, the main expectations of the consumers, who are more aware of technology and other aspects than ever before, are looking for features such as quality, reliability, green performance, etc.

CyberPower has been globally recognized as a brand committed to Green UPS designs. In response to the rapidly rising energy prices as well as the increasing of environmental awareness, CyberPower’s patented GreenPower UPS energy-saving technology successfully improves UPS operating efficiency while also effectively reduces heat build-up. The advanced technique of GreenPower UPS Technology is accomplished by eliminating the unnecessary power loss during UPS operation, enhancing more energy savings compared to conventional UPS systems. In Datacenters, UPS systems are like servers which stay operating during the whole year and can easily consume up to 100 times more energy than a standard office building. Additionally, reports show that UPS systems normally consume 18% of the electricity for data centers. By adopting CyberPower’s GreenPower UPS design, UPS systems are guaranteed to reduce power consumption by up to 93% compared to conventional UPS systems.

Which emerging trends in the power segment and India’s UPS market do you foresee?

Not to deny the fact that India faces an acute power shortage even today. The scares of frequent power-cuts have compelled homes, organizations and industries to depend more and more on power back-up devices. UPS has become a much needed product today and people have started buying UPS and Inverters anticipating power-cuts as never before. Power generation issues related to land acquisition for new power plants, fuel shortage, and high transmission and distribution losses are some of the contributors to this adverse situation. The computerization initiatives taken by the central and state governments, besides the public sector undertakings, are among the major factors driving the UPS market. The SME segment is also showing a growth trend and will fuel the demand for UPS systems in the coming years. Today, consumers, who are more aware of technology and other aspects than ever before, are looking for features such as quality, reliability, green performance, etc when making products-related decisions.

What new products and solutions CyberPower planning to launch in the coming future?

We wish CyberPower should develop devices which will reduce the global warming situation and useful for the mankind as a whole. Our RND team is aimed to do that in the future.

Discuss your roadmap towards a scalable and fast-changing IT infrastructure environment.

In response to the growing demand for Green IT products, CyberPower is dedicated to the development of efficient GreenPower UPS Energy-Saving Technology. As an industry-leading UPS manufacturer, CyberPower has not only made it dream-come-true for businesses and individuals implementing Green IT principles but adopted green practices throughout the operation, including the full compliance to the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), accordance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) protocols, certification of ENERGY STAR, receiving ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and IECQ QC 080000 HSPM Hazardous Substance Process Management Standards and other ongoing ‘Greening’ of all packaging practices and materials to ensure the maximum contribution to the environment. Along with the ‘Green Commitment’ throughout the manufacturing process, CyberPower ensures customers an unprecedented selection of high-quality, feature-rich and reliable power protection products from a company that pledges to provide the advanced energy solution for the environment. CyberPower has an award-winning engineering team that meticulously designs and engineers every product to provide outstanding performance, as well as surpass international safety and environmental standards. Company owned factories produce each product to exact specifications for complete customer satisfaction.