Saturday, January 22, 2022

CMDA, Pune organized a study tour to China & Hong Kong

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With the objective to foster business opportunities, bring in partnership proposal and work in the sphere of business and development jointly for the benefit of the members, Computer Media &Dealer Association (CMDA), Pune organized a study tour to Hong Kong – HKTDC fare& china –  Canton fare from 13th April to April 19, 2018.

Rahul Hajare & Nitin Kulkarni leads the delegation, 37 Members including the business Owners & Partners. These members consist of system Integrator, cloud service providers & regional distributors.

Project leaders in their interactions with the officials and organizers from HKTDC fare to explored and discussed the possibilities to bring in prospective trade and partnership in the ICT field
HKTDC & canton is known for its large-scale manufacturing facilities, technologies, and CMDA can develop strong economic ties with them in ICT sectors and can also work together.

Delegation team visited HKTDC &canton fare for two days. HKTDC officials & CMDA worked on the profiles of the members & done the match making meetings are arranged & planed during the event time. This gives lot of mileage to the members & they can able to meet the prospective partners & also able to discover the ex

As a part of the program meeting with consulate general of India in china, CMDA took keen initiative in arranging this meeting with delegation team in consul office in Guangzhou.

During this discussion consul general Hon. SailasThangal guided the delegation about the do & don’t while doing the business with china. During the discussion he also extended his full support to the members for any of challenges. He also share the lot of inputs on the best practice followed by the china business community.

Members are very excited with this tour, many of the members got first time this international exposure, they also got the opportunity to study different ideal of social development sources of national and international funds methods techniques skills used by the people in implementing different type of projects. Understand the procedures and methods followed in different kinds of funding agencies in different parts of the world along with potential partner for the business.

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