City Circuit Focuses on Compute business & Cloud business to support WFH...

City Circuit Focuses on Compute business & Cloud business to support WFH segment

Rohit Gupta, Director, City Circuit Technology Pvt Ltd

Remote work has changed performance management considerably. Organizations will increasingly focus on work done instead of hours worked—making tools and apps to help manage remote employee performance more essential.  At this time, City Circuit Technologies played a crucial role.

City Circuit Technologies Pvt Ltd provides the one-stop for all kinds of office requirements at your doorstep, at the best possible prices, and the best quality with best services accompanied with the products. 

We started in Gurgaon as a retail outlet with a vision of providing value add to customers by selling more relevant technology products. Being visionary, we had the aim to bring brands that nobody else does, never wanted to be in-crowd. Such a vision came from my engineering and MBA background” said, Rohit Gupta, Director, City Circuit Technology Pvt Ltd

Our scope of expertise includes Telecommunications, Computers, Laptops, MDM Solutions, Gateway level Security Solutions, Wired and Wireless networking solutions, VPNs and a lot more,” added, Rohit.

“We joined hands with HPas a regional distributor. We started with 30- 35 notebooks a month and there have been months we crossed 1500 notebooks per month. Now we have added HP commercial printers, Desktops, AIO, Workstations, Commercial Attach, so to say we have complete portfolio of HP with us. However, since we are selling it to partners and to supportthat we have our Presale and Post sale team with us. HP being the largest product to portfolio we are trying to explore new products in HP and grow further,” said, Rohit. Great business ideas need a great and highly motivated team, planning to cross 100 crores just within 3 years wouldn’t have been possible without a great TEAM.

Today, Indian consumer market has been quite dynamic in terms of technology. The technological drift has taken place in a huge way. Now the technology has boomed and so has the customer preferences. Just to say notebooks no longer sell on their basic parameters but features such as STB ratio, brightness measured in NITS, security features etc which we hadn’t hear in past. 

The Work-from-home (WFH) initiatives skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic and haven’t slowed down. Employees and businesses alike are enjoying all the cost-effective and productivity-enhancing perks of remote work. 

“Post the pandemic, most of the organisations had to opt for work for home for business continuity. Organizations know that moving to remote work at least in some capacity is now crucial to retain and attract new talent; they also know that successfully transitioning to remote work can be incredibly challenging. By moving to the cloud, it becomes possible to give remote employees access to all the company data that they need to manage their work responsibilities, even when they are not working from the office.

Moreover, the cloud also allows organizations to control access to their cloud storage and resources. The administrators in your company can set secure access policies to make sure that employees only have access to the data they need to manage their work. All the sensitive company information can be restricted to specific employees and teams.With WFH high demand for cloud so data access. So, we have given good options for cloud,” said, Rohit.

A digital workplace is a single platform where everyone cancollaborate, control, and coordinate their work.With the penetration of work from home, cloud is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, data storage, and computing power that is based on the internet. It enables the company to access software on the internet as a service at any time and from anywhere.

“City circuit has started with distribution segment so it will always be the forte. Further we will be adding more geographical regions for our better presence, that will help us to add more partners which will further translate to great business growth” concluded, Rohit.