Check Point Software Expands its New CloudGuard Application Security, Unified Cloud Security...

Check Point Software Expands its New CloudGuard Application Security, Unified Cloud Security Platform


Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, has extended the capabilities of its unified CloudGuard Cloud Native Security platform with the launch of new CloudGuard Application Security (AppSec), a fully automated web application and API protection solution, enabling enterprises to secure all their cloud-native applications against both known and zero-day attacks. CloudGuard AppSec, part of the CloudGuard Workload Protection capabilities, eliminates the need for manual tuning and high rate of false-positive alerts associated with legacy Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), using contextual AI to prevent attacks from impacting cloud applications and enabling enterprises to take full advantage of cloud speed and agility. Web application breaches doubled in 2020 but legacy rule based WAFs cannot keep up with the speed at which today’s cloud-native applications evolve. These first-generation approaches rely on threat signatures and complex manual rule tuning. 

“Web applications are increasingly targeted by criminals, but traditional WAFs are simply unable to keep pace with the speed at which today’s cloud apps change and demand constant manual management, which leaves organizations dangerously exposed to attacks and costly breaches,” said Mr. TJ Gonen, Head of Cloud Product Line, at Check Point Software.

“Protecting workloads and applications in the cloud requires a holistic suite of capabilities,” said Mr. Frank Dickson, Program Vice President of Security & Trust at IDC Research. “However, the journey to workload protection starts with securing your web applications and APIs. Check Point addresses this need for integrated application security and demonstrates their cloud acumen with the introduction of CloudGuard’s newest capability which includes automated application security.”

CloudGuard AppSec security capabilities are:

  1. Continuous protection for applications as they evolve:  CloudGuard AppSec blocks application attacks such as site defacing, information leakage, user session hijacking, and all the OWASP Top 10 web application security risks. The solution’s AI engine continually adapts to application changes and self-updates to ensure continuous security. 
  2.  Advanced API attack prevention:  As applications evolve, they create and expose more APIs. CloudGuard AppSec automatically blocks criminals from leveraging APIs to expose sensitive data, inject commands or to extract API keys.
  3. Automated bot protection:  CloudGuard AppSec uses behavioural analysis to distinguish between human and non-human interactions with applications, to prevent credential stuffing, brute force attacks and site scraping, and offers customizable protection to manage non-malicious web bots.

 “We needed the ability to protect our unique application and the various types of data it processes in our complex, dynamic Google Kubernetes environment,” said Mark Unak, CTO at