Capgemini and CONA Services LLC Partner to Develop Digital Solutions for the...

Capgemini and CONA Services LLC Partner to Develop Digital Solutions for the Consumer Products Industry


Capgemini and CONA Services LLC (CONA), the core IT & Analytics services provider of the North America Coca-Cola bottlers, have agreed to a long term co-development and go to market partnership, to build and power a new set of consumer products, retail, and distribution (CPRD) digital solutions. This new strategic partnership will provide the agility, speed, and insights required for enterprises integrated with top technology platforms to be competitive in today’s asynchronous, demand-driven market.

The partnership combines Capgemini’s leading global expertise in strategy, technology services, consulting around the building of assets, and speed of delivery, with CONA’s industry-leading knowledge. It will also involve close collaboration with both Microsoft and SAP. The partnership will operate with an agile start-up mindset approach to rapidly create digital solutions. Its initial focus will be on meeting the need for cloud-enabled configurable plug-in components leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) for the direct store delivery (DSD), consumer products, retail, and logistics industry. Ultimately, the partnership will see Capgemini, CONA, and their respective communities working together to build, deploy and offer scalable solutions to the wider CPRD industry to empower them as digital businesses. It also enables exciting people development opportunities for both CONA and Capgemini. The partnership includes a joint go-to-market agreement between the two companies.

Mr. Reinhard Meister, Chief Executive Officer of CONA Services, said, “This partnership has the potential to solve faster industry growth opportunities and will be instrumental in creating a thriving, competitive market powered by innovative digital solutions. CONA Services and Capgemini’s existing long-term relationship, based on similar mindsets, cultures and business values, provides a strong foundation on which we can work together towards this goal which we believe could help to transform our industry.”

CONA Services was established to provide core IT applications, operations, and infrastructure for the largest Coca-Cola bottling partners in North America. It runs a full suite of solutions that deliver end-to-end operating capabilities and provide a competitive advantage in today’s complex market.

Capgemini has been working with CONA Services as its largest strategic business partner since 2013, supporting various programs including the deployment of the largest single instance of SAP software in the world at the time. Capgemini has helped CONA Services achieve significant business outcomes such as highly stable systems operations, which prompted the opportunity for further strategic collaboration.