BenQ EH600: Smart Projector for Smarter Business

BenQ EH600: Smart Projector for Smarter Business

BenQ EH600 Smart Projector for Smarter Business

BenQ describes the EH600 as the World’s first Android-based smart projector designed specifically for business applications. BenQ’s EH600 comes embedded with TeamViewer Meeting video conferencing software that makes remote meetings straightforward and thrifty. As long as a camera is available, users can enjoy remote meetings on a large screen that makes it possible to see all participants and meeting materials clearly.


BENQ EH600 is a business class DLP projector that offers Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution and is rated to deliver 3,500 lumens light output. In ECO mode the lamp is rated for up to 15,000 hours in Smart ECO mode. BenQ is promoting the EH600 as the “World’s First Android Based Business Projector” and for a current list price of $999, it provides a wealth of business focused features.


The EH600 is a thoroughly conventional business projector that uses a traditional 200-watt mercury vapor lamp and a 0.65-inch DLP imaging target to create 1920×1080 (1080p) video at a 16:9 aspect ratio. Its 5,000-hour lamp life (Normal mode), 3,500 lumen brightness (as verified in our tests), and 6,000:1 rated contrast ratio should fit equally well in a conference room, a small house of worship, or a school’s small lecture hall or large classroom.

The EH600 is specified to project images from 70 to 300 inches diagonal, although at that largest size—12.5 feet—the images can appear washed out. The 1.49-to-1.64 throw ratio lens fills an 80-inch screen from about 8.75 feet away, and ProjectorCentral’s BenQ EH600 Projector Throw Calculator can give you a good idea of the required distance for your room’s screen. 


Considering the EH600’s abilities and performance, it’s nice that the projector is small and light enough for one technician to install it. It measures 4.8×11.7×9.1-inches and weighs in at just 5.5-pounds,which also makes it reasonably easy to move around if needed.


It has five Picture modes that include Bright, Presentation, Infographic, Video, and sRBG, as well as two User settings. Unusual for a business projector, it omits a DICOM SIM mode for projecting medical scans. Picture adjustments are restricted when using the onboard computer or USB input as a source, limited to brightness, contrast, and sharpness. However, if you directly connect a source via HDMI or the VGA input, you’ll find a nice mix of advanced controls available including color saturation, Brilliant Color, color temperature, RBG gain and offset controls for tuning grayscale, and a full RGBMY color management system for adjusting the color points.


What make this projector unique, is that BenQ advertises the EH600 as the world first Android-based business projector. What makes the EH600 unique is its built-in smart features focused on business applications. You can wirelessly project documents, videos and images from a computer or mobile device. The combination of business-focused smart features, Full HD resolution and 3500 lumens of the brightness all for less than thousand makes the BenQ excellent solution for many meeting rooms.