ASIRT Announces New Managing Committee

ASIRT Announces New Managing Committee

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ASIRT (Association of System Integrators & Retailers In Technology) is a focussed association for System Integrators and Retailers in India. Founded by leading IT SI’s in Mumbai, this association promotes collaboration with building partnerships and help this community of IT companies to reach higher goals and expand business boundaries. ASIRT is managed by a governing board. This board has a specific agenda to ensure that ASIRT touches the business of all partners by being enablers for the ones with large volumes as also of small and mid level partners who aim to conquer new horizons! ASIRT aims to build its member-base to include over 400+ System builders, System integrators and Retailers in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai & gradually to build other chapters across the country. Recently, ASIRT announced its new managing committee as listed below:


Chairman, Tushar Parekh (of Silicon Netsecure Pvt Ltd),

President, Tushar Shah (of Paths Enterprises),

Secretary, Nilesh Kadakia (of Neotech Infocom),

Treasurer, Hiten Shah (of Zeta Infotech),

Vice President, Sanjay Ruparel (of Ruparel Computers Pvt. Ltd),

Vice President, Shirish Marathe (of Competc),

Vice President, Jayesh Sompura (of Active Computers),

Board Member, Amit Shah (of TAS Technologies),

Board Member, Bharat Chheda (of N-Tech Automation),

Board Member, Jitendra Gupta (of Pioneer I.T. Solution Pvt Ltd),

Chief Advisor, Chetan Shah (of Xpress Computer Ltd),

Co-Opt Member, Jiten Mehta (of Magnamious Systems Pvt Ltd)

Co-Opt Member, Manish Kapasi (of Avion Electronics Pvt Ltd),

Co-Opt Member, Kaustubh Kulkarni (of Fusion Softwares & Systems Pvt Ltd),

ASIRT works to create a unified SI & Retail ecosystem and acts as a strong voice, working for the benefit of the SI & Retail community. The association works as a bridge between Vendors & the SI community for mutual benefits. ASIRT organizes training sessions for the benefit of the SI & Retail community and strives towards ensuring a healthy & profitable state for the SI community.
The association aims to foster increased profitable business among the SI & Retail community with empanelment of appropriate consultants for counseling.

Speaking on this occasion, Tushar Parekh, Chairman, ASIRT, commented, “Currently, we have about 200+ members in ASIRT from the Mumbai region. Our immediate objective is to help partners revive their businesses from the downturn caused due to lockdown. We are helping the partners to coordinate, link up and to help each other to revive and improve their businesses in mutually beneficial ways. In the long-term perspective, we want to improve the reach of ASIRT so that the members can get the maximum benefit of our services and work more efficiently. We are using both digital and traditional methods to achieve this purpose.”