ASIRT Celebrates its 9th Anniversary

ASIRT Celebrates its 9th Anniversary


ASIRT (Association of Systems Integrators and Retailers in Technology), an IT Association of, for and by System integrators (SIs) and Retailers in India has recently completed its 9 years serving the members and contributing to the IT ecosystems.  It aims to build partnerships and help the SI community to expand business boundaries and reach higher goals. Founded in 2012, ASIRT currently has 200+ members. Be it small IT, retailer, to large Systems Integrator, ASIRT offers equal opportunity to all to collaborate, network and grow.

ASIRT gives an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with fellow Systems Integrators – not as a competitor but as a partner. All the members have experienced that what they figured as a competitor once, have not only partnered in business but also have become friends for a lifetime.

As ASIRT celebrates its 9th Anniversary, below are the Events, Programs and Achievements during these years.

  1. TechDay: TechDay is the monthly flagship event by ASIRT which recently completed 90th session. It helps members to connect with National and International Principal Vendors, OEMs, and Brands. TechDay also offers the opportunity to get advice from Business Coaches, Legal and Tax Advisors. During pandemic period, ASIRT successfully conducted TechDays on virtual platform.
  2. TechEdge: TechEdge offers an opportunity for members’ staff to get Technical and soft skill training.
  3. AGM Program: ASIRT Gold MemberProgram helps members to leverage their premier status to earn higher revenues.
  4. Consortium: ASIRT offers a unique platform – Consortium, to its members. This enables members to collaborate with the consortium members to cover the spectrum of IT Services. And thus, building and winning unparalleled and unexplored business opportunities through partnerships.
  5. Sponsorship Programs: ASIRT offers a range of sponsorship opportunities. They offer unique Annual Sponsorship offers that allow brands and OEMs to build a strong rapport with our members and create a win-win position.
  6. Cricket: The members of ASIRT play box cricket every Sunday. This is one more opportunity to increase bonding with fellow members. They also organise ACPL – ASIRT Cricket Premier League which is an annual tournament among teams of the members.
  7. Inner Wheel: This is a group of female spouses of the members where they interact, socialise, and do business among them.
  8. Grievance Cell: This is a powerful medium to address and resolve technical, commercial and support issues related to Vendors, OEMs, and Distributors and between its members too. 
  9. Active, Powerful and Transparent Board: The Board members meet every month to discuss and act on various matters of the association. They are always ready to help the members and are committed to the growth and benefits of the fraternity. Transparent and co-operative work culture has helped the association to sustain and grow.

ASIRT has changed the face of the Mumbai IT channels and has singlehandedly managed to steer the industry to face the new-age digital economy and prepared its member fraternity to evolve and succeed through partnering.

In 9 years of its existence, ASIRT has created a Belligerent, United and Confident Systems Integrator community.

ASIRT primarily operates in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai and now is ready to build chapters across the country.