ANATAS and Solace Together Modernize the IT Infrastructure for Australia’s FSI Sector

ANATAS and Solace Together Modernize the IT Infrastructure for Australia’s FSI Sector


Leading Australian systems integrator, ANATAS, has partnered with Solace to help Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) enterprises stay competitive by modernizing their IT infrastructure. Solace’s large volume integration capabilities will help ANATAS strengthen its suite of integration consulting services and support clients in their digital transformation initiatives.

From delivering a seamless customer experience to optimizing business operations, real-time data has become a critical component in all areas of decision-making in modern enterprises. Research by Gartner reveals that by 2025, 75% of enterprise data will be generated outside the corporate data center and that 70% of IT Infrastructure teams will be unable to support the business. This means that organisations will need to modernize their IT Infrastructure and integrate people, processes, and technology to future-proof their business.

With one of the largest integration consulting services teams in Australia, ANATAS specializes in delivering and managing low-cost, high-productivity integration solutions to modernise hybrid IT landscapes and meet the unique integration needs of each organisation. Having worked with clients across various industries including Utilities, Logistics, Retail and Local Government Authorities, ANATAS continues to further expand its focus on the rapidly evolving FSI sector.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Jason Frost, CEO of ANATAS, said, “ANATAS offers best-in-class integration services to deliver optimal cloud-native integration solutions. Solace’s event streaming and management technology will complement our existing offerings, allowing us to provide a greater level of performance security and flexibility.”

“Collaboration is a key driver for innovation, which is why we constantly seek out new partnerships with the best providers of complementary products and services. We’re excited to be working with a trusted systems integrator like ANATAS to help organisations modernise their IT infrastructure,” said Mr. Kent Nash, general manager, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Japan, Solace. “Our partnership with ANATAS will expand Solace’s presence in the Australia and New Zealand region, and reinforce our commitment to helping enterprises become modern and real-time for an extra competitive edge.”