Wednesday, January 26, 2022


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Addasound’s comfortable, durable and cost-efficient headsets are designed to meet the special communications needs of professionals in call centers and offices.

Addasound’s wired headset is closed-back headset are made with audiophiles in mind. They have a comfortable fit with spacious ear cups and durable build quality, making them well-suited for long listening sessions.

These headphones have a neutral sound profile that can reproduce vocals and lead instruments clearly and accurately. Although their passive soundstage isn’t very spacious, it’s still perceived as natural-sounding and as if coming from out in front of you rather than as if coming from within your head.  Their boom mic has a great overall performance, so your voice sounds clear and full-bodied even when you’re speaking in a noisy setting.

These headsets especially designed for professional users in call centers and offices who would like to have the best hands-free device while experiencing superior noise-canceling, crystal clear voice transmission, all-day comfort and great durability.

Technical Specifications

  • Superior noise-canceling technology eliminates the background noise for information security and customer satisfaction.
  • Neodymium magnet speaker provides crystal-clear and powerful sound performance.
  • Stylish but robust structural design provides reliable 24/7/365 usage
  • Easy deployment in different platforms such as desk phones and softphones via a variety of quick-disconnect cords
  • Ultra-lightweight design and soft foam ear cushions for all-day comfort
  • ADDASOUND’s headsets follow the International Noise Safety Standards and help create a safe and comfortable work environment.


The Addasound’s  wired headset offer a well-balanced audio reproduction with the right amount of bass. They have decently balanced mid-range that reproduces instruments and vocals accurately, and their treble doesn’t sound too sharp or recessed.

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