3Gen Supports both High availability and fault Tolerance for handling Mission Critical...

3Gen Supports both High availability and fault Tolerance for handling Mission Critical Applications

Mr. Chanchal Deshwal Director, 3Gen

3Gen Data Systems is a leading developer of solutions that converge server, storage, virtualization and networking with resilient and automated self-tuning intelligence. 3Gen’s cloud platform solutions are known for their advanced, enterprise-class performance, extended reliability, and sophisticated ILM capabilities. 3Gen products feature easy-to-use centralized data management, just-in-time scalability, and high data availability. 3Gen technologies are installed in worldwide locations to handle mission critical applications, centralized backup, disaster recovery, and email storage. In an interaction with NCN, Mr. Chanchal Deshwal, Director, 3Gen Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. explain about the trend of storage technology solution and future plans of 3Gen Data Systems.

What are the latest trends in storage technology solutions industry?-

As we are into Storage manufacturing since 2007 hence witnessed lots of changes in Storage industry, Although Storage Industry is growing very fast in last two years but Chassis size is reducing as Drive Size has been growing with time today we are seeing frequent use of 18TB SATA drives for NAS Solutions, so if earlier customer was buying 12 bay Storage for 100TB usable , they are taking 8 bay now . if customer was taking 8 bay Storage now they taking only 4 Bay, So in SMB or MID Enterprise Storage Chassis manufacture have not seen much Growth but Disk Manufacturer like Seagate , WD revenues are growing a lot. In Enterprise Segment Customers are now asking All flash in both Scale-out and Dual Controller Storage. Auto Tiering is also very Popular demand in Enterprise Segment because customers are now aware that caching per controller is limited so they need to Either move to SSD or NVMe as Caching or Tier 1 as SSD or NVMeavg 30% and 70% SAS or SATA as second or Third Tier. Ransomware had hit lots of organisations in last few years and number of attacks per day are regularly increasing so the demand of Ransomware Protection on Storage also known as WORM technology or BlockChain Technology.  In last one year we have seen Customer awareness about benefit of scale-out (MultiNode clustering) in comparison to Dual Controller.

Could you describe the core competencies of 3Gen Data Systems?-

3GEN is very Strong player in Multinode Storage also known as Scale-out NAS, we won Multiple big cases from MNC’s , Banking Industry , Govt and Airlines for Scale-out NAS, along with that we have all Enterprise class Features like Block level Deduplication, Dynamic Thin Provisioning , Snapshot, Compression, Encryption, WORM, SSD Caching , Flex Caching etc. We even have Storage Gateway which helps Access of Data from any Other Brand SAN Storage ISCSI or Fibre. We can transfer data from Brands like EMC, DDN, NetAPP, Infortrend or any XYZ to 3GEN or any of the Brands, We can also utilize other Brand Storage as Second Tier in Auto Tiering Architecture. We can Give 256 Nodes in Single Storage Cluster means approx. 108PB RAW or 90PB RAID Storage with each volume of 12 drives using only Primary Units or can go up to 378PB RAW using One JBOD with each 256 Primary Nodes . We recently Given 1.5PB ALL FLASH and 4.5PB WORM storage to Govt Customer in INDIA, where competition quote was almost double than ours. Few of the key Customer includes Bangkok Airport, Taiwan Airport, Taiwan Airforce and LG Display , VIVA TV etc

How 3Gen Data Systems delivers one-click simplicity in managing Private cloud deployments?-

3GEN HypervisorvServer is very user friendly and helpful while deploying Business Continuity or Private Cloud solutions, Data Center environments come with their challenges—complexity, resources, expertise, cost, and management issues, to name a few—and management seems to be the common denominator. Consider this situation; you are running a workload that requires large pools of storage and networking resources on a private cloud. At the same time, your traffic also not certain may require even 100% to 400% increase in peak hours and need Dynamic work load balancing at three level CPU, Memory and Caching. So 3gen Considered all such challenges and also considered requirement of Performance in Industries like Broadcast Industry, Surveillance Industry and even Oil and GAS for Designers and simulations, so we committing 2x performance in Comparison to TOP 3 Players in Hyper-Convergence.

So 3GEN kept all these things in mind and kept 3GEN management console very user friendly that any IT person without VMware certification can Operate and Troubleshoot our HCI Solution.

In the hybrid work model, how the 3Gen Data systems to upgrade their technology infrastructure?

3Gen is already working on Supporting Hybrid Public and Private cloud Solutions in market because that is need of future. Right now 3GEN has few important features which may be interest of Customers that we are supporting Heterogeneous Servers in same cluster and hence while market will have new Server hardware you can include that as well in our HCI cluster means if you have existing hardware used for Nutanix or VSAN you can use that as well in our 3GEN Cluster. We are also Brand Agnostic ;Brand or Hardware-agnostic Software are those that do not require any specific Brand hardware adaptations and can work with different Brand of systems without suffering compatibility issues. The term agnostic can be applied to both hardware and software.

3Gen support Hybrid Configuration HCI in terms of Customers can pay for Fault Tolerance as well and can use High Mix of High availability and Fault Tolerance in single cluster. Not only this we support HA and FT on Single node as well.

How 3Gen technologies to handle mission critical applications, centralized backup, disaster recovery?

3Gen Supports both High availability and fault Tolerance for handling Mission Critical Applications, if customer has less budget they can go for HA and if they can afford they should go for FT. in HA we replication only Data to other nodes and in FT we replicate entire state of VM including IOPS, caching, CPU, RAM , data etc. So if your application is mission critical FT will keep your VM live on other node as well and entire load will move to other node in 2-3 seconds even if VM is using 200TB of Data. We support N+1, N+2, N+3 ..N+N Clustering as well as Replication on Disaster Recovery Site on WAN. We have Snapshot to keep backup of VM inside the Cluster and if you want to keep backup on external Storage, we can target using Retrospect on 3GEN External Storage.

Currently, which segments you are catering for the Indian market?

Our main focus on Performance hungry industry like Broadcast, Surveillance, Govt, Banking etc and also Mid Enterprises because they can also utilize HCI Technology because 3GEN has Enterprise class features but in 1/5 cost of Nutanix. A university has huge Scope for Storage for Deep Learning and also HCI for Storage Data Centres, so we have focus on Education Industry as well.

Could you discuss the road map for the next two-three years?

We have started manufacturing in INDIA and soon we will enter into Govt. Business with GEM and we are expecting growth at minimum 100% Year on Year. We are expecting hybrid HA/FT on Single node. We have Hybrid Cloud in pipe line and we already tested with AWS and Expecting Compatibility with All Major players in market for Supporting Hybrid Cloud Deployments. In Storage we already giving Storage gateway to include any Brand SAN in our storage Cluster, in future we can manage and Access other Brands HCI Nodes in our 3GEN management Console.