Friday, December 2, 2022

“MSI has been Pioneer on many of unique and innovative features on boards”

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msi_frank-sherapIn the past 25 years, MSI always strived to provide products based on its core values –”Innovation” and “Style”. The results are products with superior performance, trusted reliability, excellent user experience and expressive style. MSI mainboards and graphics cards are found among the top 3 in the world because of their great quality and maximum productivity. In an interview with Frank Sherap, Country Manager-India, MSI about the motherboard market and the new technology innovation in motherboard industry. Excerpts of the interview:

What is the trend of motherboard market and where is your brand positioned in this scenario?
Eco friendly & Energy saving motherboard along with performance & stability has it’s share of sweet spot in the market and infact this segment demand seems to be growing in many markets. Green features & Energy saving concept and implementations has been an integral part of MSI product innovation. As for the motherboards, right from the PCB layout/designing stage, the concept is taken care of at every step for all the key components used on the board. To be specific, the MSI very own “Military class4 components”, massive heat pipes…etc. are some of the attractions that are well known and acclaimed by media & users alike globally by now. These components not only take the product performance to the next level and increase durability of the product life but also save energy and reduce emissions. The “Military Class 4 components” have all been certified to seven MIL-STD-810G tests to ensure stable operation under the harshest conditions. All motherboards are developed and packaged based on green and safety design concept in mind. Current MSI Motherboard product lines are it’s flagship Gaming & Overclocking series and Classic series with Military Class4 components onboard. Besides these boards in its each category symbolizes performance, efficiency, stability, speed, quality sound and aesthetics. Recently MSI wins the Premium Award of “Top Green Brand 2013 in the ICT category” in Business Next Magazine

Over the time, because of the wide range of CPU platforms which are in vogue, there are multiple chipset-based motherboards which are being positioned by both Intel and AMD is likely to be phased out by most motherboard makers. In your opinion what would be the preferred choice on premium boards and why?

In the premium segment, the all around boards should stand out from the pack.The boards with rich and innovative/unique features which could translate into performance & multiple functions and also durability with best of components. MSI motherboard range (Gaming and OC series) has just the right ingredients.

Which emerging markets would your company like to focus on and why?
As long as there is potential market for any range of MSI products, MSI will pursue it.

However, different brands have different approaches for implementing energy efficiency inside a motherboard. What’s your opinion in this regard?
MSI has been the pioneer when it comes to motherboard designing/ layout to changing market taste and demands whether it’s for Innovative features or stability. Similarly Energy saving and Eco friendly has been an integral part of MSI product innovation.

Lastly, How your motherboard is different from other brands?
As mentioned above, MSI has been Pioneer on many of unique and innovative features on boards.  MSI react fast to changes as leader of the technology know –how and state of the art production plant.  Every process of the product development process, its all MSI indigenous effort.

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