Friday, October 7, 2022

Micron Sees Immense Opportunity in the Fast-Growing Data Center Segment in the Upcoming Years

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Mr. Rajesh Gupta   Director & Country Manager – Sales, India, · Micron Technology shares about their innovations, strategy for India market and future plans. Micron Technology Inc is an industry leader in innovative memory and storage solutions transforming how the world uses information to enrich life for all. With a relentless focus on our customers, technology leadership, and manufacturing and operational excellence, Micron delivers a rich portfolio of high-performance DRAM, NAND, and NOR memory and storage products through our Micron and Crucial brands.

Discuss the factors that have contributed to the growth graph?

In the post-pandemic world, multiple trends have contributed to the huge ICT adoption in both Consumer/Datacenter markets, content creators are generating a huge amount of content and streaming the same as well, everything from home, and gaming adoption pushing the performance requirements to the next level. The content creation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% for the next decade. The consumer segment is showing signs of weakness but that should be seen concerning the sudden growth in the pandemic era.

How the technology related to data centers has been changing?

Cloud adoption fueled by the pandemic has led to the expansion of the data center market. The ever-increasing demand for edge connectivity and better throughput adds to the effect. The ever-increasing cost related to the power consumption of data centers also led to the modernization of the infrastructure to become green data centers and reduce power consumption and associated air conditioning costs. The Govt mandates towards data security requiring local in-country storage of citizen data are also pushing global organizations to build data centers within India for their respective business needs. The massive growth of the digital economy is generating more data and is forcing organizations to look beyond traditional in-house data centers which are not designed to scale well and move to the cloud or transition to hyperscale data centers. The increasing AI/ML adoption is also adding to the infra requirements of data centers.

Explain the strategic steps undertaken Micron for brand positioning?

We worked towards building up channel affinity through regular partner training and retail branding across multiple cities in India and increasing brand visibility on Crucial by Micron products range including Consumer/Commercial SSDs, DRAM, and portable SSDs. In addition to offline channel activities, we collaborated with major ESports activities along with gaming influencers to talk about Crucial Gaming DRAMs and SSDs and coordinated with marketing on all Social Media platforms. 

Memory & storage are important to Micron. Discuss the role of Micron.

Micron is an industry leader in innovative memory and storage solutions transforming how the world uses the information to enrich life for all. With a relentless focus on our customers, technology leadership, and manufacturing and operational excellence, Micron delivers a rich portfolio of high-performance DRAM, NAND, and NOR memory and storage products through our Micron and Crucial brands. Every day, the innovations that our people create fuel the data economy, enabling advances in artificial intelligence and 5G applications that unleash opportunities — from the data center to the intelligent edge and across the client and mobile user experience. Micron’s vision is to transform how the world uses the information to enrich life.

Our technology is the backbone of the preservation and management of the world’s digital data, touching nearly every aspect of life: health care, mobility, transportation, smart homes, and cities, as well as business applications. Micron has taken the technology leadership in commercially launching 1 alpha DRAM and 176-layer 3D NAND in production multiple quarters ahead of the industry. While our competitors are planning to mass produce 162-layer 3D NAND by the year end while Micron is committed to mass producing 232-layer 3D NAND. Micron helped reduce latency, increase performance, reduced die size and reduce overall TCO when we launched 176-layer 3D NAND to increase adoption in the market.

Elucidate the strategic role played by Micron towards encasing the opportunity for Storage?

The world of data storage is changing quickly. There are several contemporary trends in what types of server hardware are available, where they are deployed, and additionally, application trends affect memory and storage. AI training in the data center requires usable structure as well as massive amounts of storage like Micron’s flash-based storage. Further, for data processing, algorithms require parallel processing through GPUs like Micron’s low-power, high-capacity memory. Micron understands the architecture trends in data storage, and our innovative, broad portfolio of storage and memory solutions enables faster, scalable, cost-efficient IT for the public, private, and hybrid cloud models. Micron is the only company that offers both DRAM as well as NAND technology-based products and solutions, delivering a broad portfolio of everything the data center needs.

To meet the ever-increasing performance requirements, we facilitated the migration from NVMe Gen 3 to Gen 4 and DDR4 to DDR5 transition. An increasing number of customers chose Crucial P5 plus Gen 4 NVMe initially to be used in motherboards having Gen 3 slots only, to future proof their SSD investment. Micron gained substantial market share with these industry transitions. Recently as per CMR reports Crucial by Micron acquired the no. 1 position in Consumer internal SSDs.

Discuss the impact of a shortage of chips.

This is a semiconductor industry phenomenon caused by an unprecedented surge in the demand for semiconductors driven by growth drivers as shared earlier and global supply chain disruptions caused by Covid 19 pandemic. Micron has taken several steps to maximize the supply in this constrained environment and for the long-term Micron has announced a commitment to investing $150 Bn in global manufacturing & R&D, over the next decade.

Explain the role played by Micron with channel partners?

Channel connections helped the brand in building one of the robust channel ecosystems across all markets in India. Testimonials from most of the partners are the true depiction of brands focused on putting processes and systems in place with consistent supply with competitive prices. In the last few years, have introduced consistently channel-friendly programs, robust after-sales service, optimum distribution, and best quality products.

Explain the future roadmap- innovations, your further plans, etc.

Data centers require next-gen memory and storage to enable future data-intensive applications — and Micron plans to deliver. Micron is committed to investing in the entire memory and storage portfolio and helping the industry in optimizing the TLC/QLC share depending on the use case. As the world’s insatiable demand for data and new and improved services grows, data centers are increasingly pushed to their limits, unable to store and process all available data efficiently. Upcoming years will see the beginning of immense transitions for data center architectures, with memory and storage driving much of it. This is the era of composable architecture, with service providers and enterprises increasingly focused on sustainability and data security an ever-present concern.


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