Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mediland Believes India will be the 2nd Important Medical Market in Asia Offering a Huge Opportunity for the Company

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In an interaction with NCN, Cherry Weng, Regional Sales Manager, Mediland Enterprise Corporation, APAC, Europe & America, shares about their company’s journey, mission and outlook for India. Established in 1984, Mediland is one of the leading medical equipment manufacturers. From the beginning being the agent of worldwide leading medical equipment suppliers today Midland has transformed into a leading operating room equipment manufacturer.

Please take us through the journey of Mediland, its products, vision & mission

Mediland now has a solid distribution network with over 150 partners in 60 countries. With decades of professional medical equipment expertise, Mediland is focusing on the core of operation room (OR) with a wide range of product portfolio including surgical light, operating table, operation room integration systems, pendant systems, and innovated UVC Disinfection Robot-Hyper Light. Carrying out with its new slogan ‘Create better healthcare for tomorrow,’ Mediland will continue to strive for technological innovation and product improvement to create and deliver the perfect OR solutions.

Mediland Building Taiwan
Mediland Building Taiwan

Discuss the role you played to customize the products to diversified clients.

Our Hyper Light disinfection robot is designed to solve the infection and pandemic issues. The product was launched in 2016 for fighting healthcare-acquired infection in hospitals. After the outbreak of Covid in 2020, more than 450 robots have been installed in hospitals and medical-related facilities worldwide to disinfect high-risk environments, such as operating rooms, fever wards, and special care areas. We consider implementing this technical system in clinics, dental clinics, and elders’ nursing homes in our next phase. The non-medical field is also in our plan; we will launch diffident types of UVC robots in Q4 2021 to fulfill the demands and requirements in public areas, such as schools, restaurants, and airports.

What are the distribution management systems that you have at Mediland?

Depending on the size of an enterprise, distribution networks vary in structure and sizes. As one of the leading medical equipment makers in Asia, Mediland delivers products only to the specifically authorized or designated dealers/distributors. This is what we call exclusive distribution channels. Considering the professionality of our products, this system will help us dispatch our products through reliable, well-trained partners nearby. For the Indian market, we divide the channels by geographic locations and our scope to communicate effectively. The dense and organized channel network can provide support and prevent conflicts. ‘From local, to local’ is our new management concept, where our local-hired sales manager in India provides product training, marketing activities, accompany visiting and technician service support to the local distribution network, to help each distributor to better manage product demands of the end customer, customer experience, product variety, and product availability for different applications.

Briefly describe the opportunities that you see in this segment.

We believe that the epidemic will not disappear in the short term, and we have to figure out a better way to get along and deal with the virus and harmful pathogens. The following points describe our outlook on the opportunities in India.

(1) In view of the situation in India now, keeping the frontliners safe and healthy with our Hyper Light is the first priority. Indian public hospitals are established by the government, but the private hospitals account for 74% of the overall medical expenditures and control about 62.4% of the number of beds in India. Reducing the infection risk in private hospitals could help effectively control the outbreak in the country.

(2) Along with the improvement of medical standards, the life expectancy in India has risen from 68.3 to 69.4 (2015 to 2021), and we see an increasing demand for long-term care institutions in near future. The prevention and care of infection in these institutions is also what Hyper Light can support.

(3) Strong transmission of the pandemic in the community is extremely dangerous, the need for sterilization and disinfection in consumer places will also be considered. The traditional disinfection method is not enough; the innovative system with 254 nm UVC can destroy DNA/RNA of harmful microorganisms and fosters a safe and clean environment.

How do you envisage your growth plan till 2028?

In succession to the market in China, we believe India will become the 2nd important medical market in Asia as well as a high-growth segment of Mediland. We believe that dynamic double-digit growth is promised by 2022. Our short-term goal is to become one of the opinion leaders in the UVC disinfection field and to implement Hyper Light disinfection robot in the standard environmental hygiene protocol in India in the following 5 years.

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