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Matrix ComSec is Committed to Provide Cutting-Edge Physical Security and Telecom Solutions of Global Standards

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Matrix ComSec is a leading provider of cutting-edge physical security and telecom solutions in more than 50 countries including several developed countries. In an interaction with NCN, Mr. Ganesh Jivani, CEO and Mr. Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix ComSec, share about their Matrix’s productline, product strategy, vision and mission.

Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix Comsec
Mr. Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix Comsec

Q. How do you see the scope for surveillance products in India?

Technology has deeply impacted the surveillance industry. Corporations look for proactive physical security systems as opposed to age-old reactive surveillance solutions. Large corporates that have multisite presence need centralized control and management which will keep their assets secure and enhance productivity.

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) is making this possible by providing reliable and real-life applications that give instant alerts and notifications to avert unwanted occurrences. Moreover, we are also seeing new-generation analytics bringing opportunities to solve previously unsolved problems. Some of these analytics, such as face recognition, are erasing the boundary between video surveillance and biometric technologies.

Users are moving from desktop and laptop to mobile as their choice of device for video surveillance applications, fueling the need for innovative mobile apps. The need for Automating security and enhancing productivity by smart identification are gaining popularity. We have gone a step forward and allowed complete flexibility to customers to create real- life scenarios by using IVA and integrations to automate identification as well as notifications.

Q. What new solutions do you plan to launch in the coming months?

Matrix ComSec has many solutions in the pipeline to give its clients a one-stop solution for all their surveillance requirements. Recently, launched enterprise-grade server-based turnkey video surveillance solution the ENVR has garnered a lot of appreciation for its robust design, redundant power supplies, and server features. ENVR is highly flexible and scalable to integrate with various platforms.

After roaring success with ENVR, Matrix ComSec has added 5MP PTZ cameras with 42x optical zoom for better coverage and high-resolution images. Further, turret cameras with their unique ball and socket design are an ideal choice for easy manoeuvrability once they have been mounted have been launched. Finally, the ruggedized series is going to be launched soon.

Q. Please brief us about your partnership with Intellve Solutions Private Limited and the expectations from this.

Intellve Solutions Private Limited is a technology company (OEM) and has developed state-of-the-art integrated, intuitive, and intelligent operative Command and Control centre applications (Intellve ICCC) for smart cities, large enterprise operational security, and e-surveillance for BFSI and for safety & security of the critical infrastructure.

Matrix ComSec developed an integrated access control and visitor management solution with Intellve Solutions intelligent command and control centre for Indian Oil Petronas Private Limited, Haldia. The Command-and-ControlCentre helps the client successfully manage complex operational environments by giving real-time alerts. Integrated maps, GIS, alarm reporting, rule engine SOPs, integrated real-time dashboards, Pattern & Trend Analysis, and other features can help the enterprise to manage its operations better.

Speaking on the same topic, Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix ComSec says, “This interoperability will provide a single point of control to the end customers for managing the crowd flow in their premises without any technical glitches. Furthermore, system integrators can suggest both solutions to end customers without worrying about the integration part for a seamless operation.”

Q. Recently Matrix ComSec has been facilitated as an Elcina Award in manufacturing? Explain your mantra of success.

ELCINA DEFENNOVATION awards are given for excellence in Manufacturing. The award highlights Matrix ComSec’s commitment to R&D and its track record of launching innovative and cutting-edge technology products in the Defence and Strategic electronics domain. The awards ceremony was held in Bangalore on 7th July 2022. The award committee comprises senior industry and defence experts being recognized by them is a huge honour. This accreditation is a validation of our innovation and design capabilities that will go a long way in motivating us toward building world-class solutions.

Q. Please Explain the R&D and manufacturing facilities that you have?

Matrix ComSec has emerged as a notable indigenous R&D company, with its strengths in hardware, embedded software, applications software, mobile applications, and mechanical engineering. With 40% of the entire workforce dedicated to R&D and product development, we believe in strengthening our capabilities and infrastructure to devise world-class products. The product quality is further powered by industry-standard practices like AGILE, Test-driven Development (TDD), DFMEA, DFM, and more. The certifications ensure continuous optimization in their Matrix ComSec Product Development Methodology (MPDM) which largely covers the entire life cycle of product development, with era-defining standards at all levels.

The company works with modern infrastructures that cover Product Management, Project Management, Systems Engineering, Software Development, Software Verification, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Hardware Design, ECAD, Product Certification, Documentation, and other departments. 

With our indigenous Research and Development Centre, we aim to innovate products equipped with the latest technologies that increase customer convenience. Matrix ComSec is envisioned with a focus on delivering solutions that aim to ace the Three-S of any robust communication architecture – Smooth, Scalable, and Secure. Hence, our stellar telecom innovations provide seamless corporate connectivity. With competitive expertise, Matrix ComSec has grown into a trademark of trust and reliability for customers. Its next-gen products and services are highly cherished in the industry and are honored, with multiple awards.

Manufacturing: Matrix ComSec manufacturing volume has grown every year since its inception. Adding video surveillance and access control products has increased volume significantly and helped Matrix ComSec to create an economy of scale. Matrix ComSec strives hard to indigenize those parts to reduce cost and improve delivery right from the start.

The manufacturing plant is spread across an area of 100,000 sq. feet. The manufacturing takes care of all the processes starting from Material Planning, Procurement, Stores and Inventory Management, Quality, Production, Sales Fulfilment, Logistics, and RMA. 

Q. What role do your channel partners play in your operations and how do you motivate them?

Matrix ComSec has a “partner-friendly policy”. We work very closely with our channel partners in all areas including marketing, sales, supply, and support.  We provide end-to-end technical support to our channel partners and system integrators. Matrix ComSec is very conscious of the fact that the right solution should reach a customer, atthe right time and without any operational hassles. As our channel partners form the immediate link to our customers, we understand the importance of educating them about the latest products and their advantages.

Matrix ComSec has a dedicated training team that schedules training across India. An in-house training center is located at Vadodara equipped with all the latest training tools and facilities. Our channel partners benefit from cutting-edge technology, field-proven solutions, marketing-sales-technical pieces of training, solution design assistance, presentations, and sales call help, immediate supply, technical support during installation, technical help during customer complaints, and efficient and cost-effective RMA services.  Finally, we invest a lot of resources in after-sales support to channel partners and end customers.

Q. Take us through your anticipated roadmap for the next 5 years. Our diversification in IP Video Surveillance and Biometric Access Control and Time-Attendance is relatively recent. For the next few years, we plan to continue building these domains. Overall, we plan to strengthen our positions in the three main domains we operate in – IP Video Surveillance, Access Control-Time Attendance and Telecom. The analytical approach towards product and market keeps Matrix ComSec abreast of all emerging innovations.


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