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Kaspersky Offers Organizations Cyber Immunity in Addition to Potential Cybersecurity

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Mr. Purshottam Bhatia, Head of Consumer Sales – South Asia, Kaspersky, in an interaction with NCN shares about the latest threats in the security landscape, Kaspersky’s security solutions and future plans and outlook. Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity and digital privacy company founded in 1997. Kaspersky’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into innovative security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats. Over 400 million users and 240,000 corporate clients protect their resources using Kasperky’s solutions. 

In the light of digitization what latest trends do you find in the consumer cybersecurity space?

Cybersecurity is a fast-moving sector with hackers and security providers vying to outsmart each other. One of the critical data security trends is the rise of data privacy as a discipline in its own right. A major cybersecurity trend is for organizations to focus on the security challenges of distributed workforces. The accelerated digitization of many organizations and remote working made new targets for ransomware. The volume of attacks and the size of demands increased as a result. Cloud vulnerability continues to be one of the biggest cybersecurity industry trends. The expanding Internet of Things (IoT) creates more opportunities for cybercrime. Numerous high-profile cyberattacks have led to the exposure of millions of personally identifiable information records (PII). Social engineering attacks like phishing are not new threats but have become more troubling amid the widespread remote workforce. The sheer volume of cybersecurity threats is too much for humans to handle alone. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning to AI and machine learning to hone their security infrastructure.

Please brief us about your product range of security solutions in the consumer space and their merits.

Our comprehensive product range is as follows:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Total Security
  • Kaspersky Cloud Security Personal

Security: We believe that traditional device security is a ‘hygienic minimum’ in our modern online experience.  Kaspersky’s ‘Security’ tab provides access to all the features that ensure protection based on a next-generation engine with triple-layer defense that detects and blocks threats in real-time, 24/7. This pillar includes Real-Time Antivirus, Safe Browsing, Ransomware and Fileless attacks protection etc.

Performance: This is another ‘must have’ in digital life – which is why this layer is also available across all plans. Kaspersky’s “Performance” tab lets users embrace their need for device speed. Our optimization tools free users’ devices of junk and content they do not need, allowing their PCs to start up faster and perform as they were designed to. Performance features provide users with preventive care and alerts if their PC’s hard drive is about to crash. This pillar includes such features as PC Speed Up, Do Not Disturb mode, Application Management, etc.

Privacy: The Privacy protection pillar includes digital apps and services for keeping user data and private information hidden from criminals and the internet in general. It provides defense measures that go beyond traditional anti-virus technologies and empower users with technologies that keep private things private. The ‘Privacy’ tab across the new Kaspersky range of plans ensures comprehensive protection of all elements of customers’ digital personalities online. For instance, it includes an upgraded Data Leak Checker, which monitors the internet and dark web, warns if a user’s private data has been compromised and provides recommendations on what to do next. The comparison of the product information is as follows:

 After you took over the as Head of Consumer Sales – South Asia at Kaspersky, what new strategies have you implemented?

Kaspersky changed the way we interact with our partners after realising the global scope of cyber incidents, the urgent need for international conversation, and the protracted epidemic driving communities to communicate online. As an evolving cybersecurity company, we will continue to advocate transparency and cooperation in the industry and constantly improve our threat intelligence capability and next-generation technologies to combat complex threats lurking online. Our approach is to raise cybersecurity awareness and expertise across the government and the private sector. Kaspersky is a pioneer in market trend analysis and is creating tailored solutions that successfully deal with significant pain-points in the business environment. South Asia remains a priority region for Kaspersky, and we are always looking for new collaborations to create and grow a robust partner ecosystem that will benefit the industry.

 What are your USPs in general compared to your competitors?

Kaspersky’s mission is to assemble a safer world. We believe in a tomorrow where technology improves all of our lives. In the modern world, cybersecurity is more than just protecting devices, it is about developing an ecosystem where everything connected through technology is immune to cyber threats. That’s why we have moved beyond the antivirus laboratory to provide cybersecurity technology that people can trust, and our business focus has evolved towards the broader concept of ‘cyber-immunity.’ The essence of cyber-immunity is to employ a level of protection such that the cost of an attack on a company exceeds the costs of possible damages. Nowadays, no serious cybersecurity expert can give a 100% protection guarantee. At the current level of information technology development, everything can be ‘hacked’ — the only question is how much effort attackers are willing to expend. Therefore, the only way to avoid an attack is to make it economically unprofitable to potential attackers.

 Most consumers don’t seem to take cybersecurity seriously. What are you doing to make users to understand the importance of securing against cyberattacks?

Cybersecurity awareness for Kaspersky refers to assembling mindfulness around best cybersecurity practices amongst employees during their day-to-day processes. Kaspersky promotes Cybersecurity awareness through tools, resources and training to deliver knowledge on how to play your part in upholding information security. We encourage a thorough security awareness training program that will boost overall cybersecurity awareness and provide employees with the confidence and knowledge required to identify cyber threats and appropriately respond to prevent them, as well as the escalation procedure. We motivate everyone to have robust cybersecurity policies and procedures. Over time, cybersecurity awareness is driven by businesses and needs to be routinely updated to keep up with emerging security threats.

 What new innovations do you foresee in the consumer security space?

Cybersecurity innovations are building new defences against unauthorised intrusions into company networks. The adoption of new working environments during the pandemic crisis made the role of cybersecurity even more vital than before. Artificial intelligence holds much promise for cybersecurity, primarily in risk identification tools. Automation can protect assault targets in addition to providing error detection. Deep learning monitors logs, transactions, and real-time data to discover network vulnerabilities. Unsupervised machine learning may identify anomalies and locate many types of unknown patterns. Behavioural analytics have become integral to advanced cybersecurity solutions, constantly evolving to provide more robust protection. Blockchain technology enables businesses to verify individuals and devices without using passwords, removing the authentication process as a potential point of attack.

 How do you educate and motivate your channel partners?

The Kaspersky United Partner Program offers channel partners all the tools, perks, and assistance they require to surpass the competition. Kaspersky supports its resellers and partners with the aid of Force 1.0, an application that will make it easy and convenient for partners to manage Kaspersky consumer solutions and gain rewards. We give our resellers access to several B2C product knowledge materials, including product demo videos that will improve customer service and keep customers interested in Kaspersky. Kaspersky’s channel partner programme concentrates on four main areas: improved regional assistance, cutting-edge rewards and technology offerings, new MSP programme offerings, and regional Kaspersky Lab Partner Summits. The Kaspersky channel partner programme provides channel partners with more benefits, education, initiatives, and specially customized regional assistance. We look at transparent business engagement with partners and start a business model based on partner profitability, a clear & transparent reward scheme and 100% partner focus. Our program would help our partners and resellers create a holistic sales strategy and enhance inventory sourcing, consequently improving their sales and revenue.


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