Sunday, April 2, 2023

Kaspersky Launches New Products – Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus, Kaspersky Premium – and a Dashboard to Keep India safe from cyberthreats

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Kaspersky launches new products – Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus, Kaspersky Premium – and a Dashboard to Keep India safe from cyberthreats.The dashboard is aimed at medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises. To protect businesses from hidden threats like these, companies should provide their security teams with reliable solutions that help them stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and eliminate cyber risks before they can do any harm. B2C IT security – not only corporates use these facility this is easily usable for house, and phones.

Cyber security is the main focus of 2023.So, breath your life with Kaspersky, as it has already developed technologies providing protection within Cloud Workload Protection. Today India is digitally equipped and Kaspersky is providing cyber defense. To implement this goal, it launches new dashboard along with new premium services which includes:

  • Identity protection wallet
  • Premium IT assistance
  • Remote expert installation
  • Priority support line
  • Expert PC health check

The number of global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky users encountering targeted ransomware — malware used to extort money from high-profile targets. Their south Asia target made them extremely proud and their target for 2023 is Indian market.

So, we adopted different method like earlier only corporate have dashboard but now not only offices but also other houses have such facilities. It easily detects the devices – wheresoever it is situated and also help to generate unique password. This new security platform goes away beyond antivirus. Plans contain security, performance, privacy and identity.

  • Safe Money
  • URL Advisor
  • Private Browsing
  • App Lock
  • Password Manager
  • Ransomware Protection

India is very much into 5G user, and it is very flexible and relevant Installation of Kaspersky Internet Security is straightforward, with safe default options. The program’s modern, tiled interface makes all essential features easily accessible from the home page. It automatically blocks all types of threats.59% want to be safe from both familiar virus and new threats. 50% of us want the devices to work faster without freezing and we are pretty much concerned about fraudsters and their personal information.


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