Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kaspersky launches dashboard to keep India safe from Cyber threat.

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In an exclusive interview with NCN Magazine, Mr. Purshottam Bhatia, Head of Sales-India and SAARC, shared his thoughts, views, and future goals of the brand.

Kindly brief us about your company.

Kaspersky is launching a new portfolio for 2023, our venture will completely change the face of the consumer business industry in Cyber Security. Our technology will give the consumer a better user experience, and better facility to tackle Cyber threat which is evolving day by day with all sorts of digital facilities which the consumer is getting. So the intention is to make the consumer more aware, and more powerful by giving the tools which are beyond anti-virus.

What makes it essential to innovate new technology important for the industry?

Currently, we are in a digital era, every consumer is digitally aware of using the internet on a daily basis. This kind of security is essential since we are going to be more digitally dependent on 5G coming into use. This makes the consumer vulnerable to Cyber threats on the internet, our product is more relevant to this digital world and the consumer would love to have it.

What changes have you observed in the customer requirement after the pandemic?

Talking about the pre-Covid Era, things were more inclined towards offline transactions whereas during Covid there was a major shift in consumer behaviour towards the online mode. Gradually every category has its own space for e-commerce customers, and channelled customers will not overlap. Our goal is to reach out to all sorts of customers via all sorts of mediums such as apps, WhatsApp etc.

As an OEM channel, we aim at providing more and more options to our customers and making it easier for them.

What opportunities do you see in the Indian market?

Every organisation is yet to explore the full potential of the market. India is already in a good phase in the global market and it’s a huge opportunity. India has become the focus market for us.

What is the timeline of a new product launch?

The planning for this new launch has been going on since last year. We have been giving a lot of breather to the partners to clear out the older stocks, giving our customers the choice to select from the existing products and the new products.

What targets have you set for the future?

Our product will have a gradual migration for the consumers where the customers will enjoy the product and the intention is to provide equal security on every product of the latest technology. We are very optimistic about this opportunity since we have identified the need of the consumer and have developed it around their need. So, identifying this need is important, the internet audience is young and they don’t shy away from using any software which will be beneficial to them. Our team will simplify it for the consumers to understand which product to purchase to get optimum security from internet threats.

How do you educate your partners?

We have created a portal for all our partners to share their opinions and feedback, we conduct all sorts of training and new implementations through direct communications. We also give them more and more marketing support in terms of catalogues, and the right understanding of all the products. We also have field guys who go to the re-sellers and explain the to them about the products.

What message would you like to share with our audience?

Our channelled partners have always supported us, they have always taken Kaspersky close to their hearts. We intend to carry forward this relationship for many more years. We have survived in the market for so long with the love and support of our partners.


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