Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Kapture is implementing personalized workflows with an extremely user-friendly and foolproof CRM platform

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Kapture CRM – an Enterprise-grade SaaS-based support automation platform that streamlines the customer support process through its advanced machine learning capabilities. Kapture CRM is a brainchild of three founders Sheshgiri Kamath Vikas Garg, and Pearl Tewari; who first got together in 2011 and launched a platform for offline marketing automation. The CRM interface of the platform received much positive attention and feedback. The trio, therefore, focused on developing it as a standalone product. After intense market research and R&D, they launched Kapture CRM as a standalone CRM platform in 2014. In an interaction with NCN, Mr. Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO, Kapture CRM, discussed about the CRM software and future roadmap of Kapture CRM.

How important do you find the relation between CRM and a decent SaaS platform?

SaaS has really helped CRM to bring architectural capabilities without incurring expenditure. With a decent Saas platform in place, the response time is much lower making it significantly effective and convenient. 

How Kapture CRM is building a customer base and dealing with customers?

Customer-first is the approach with which we move forward. It’s not just a statement but practice. Kapture goes beyond the feature list to solve customer problems, in a way we are obsessed with solving customers’ problems. Kapture is built as an extremely agile, scalable, and customizable platform, our state-of-the-art API integration capabilities help our customers build personalized intelligent and contextual interactions with their customers.

A growing organization needs a system like Kapture that supports its growth and adapts to the ever-changing processes. With in-house implementation, account management, and customer support teams our customers always have a Kapture touch point throughout their journey with Kapture. Accountability is what Kapture is known for amongst our customers.

What are some of the important features that every CRM software should have?

  • Omnichannel: Any CRM platform should have the capability to bring every customer touch point to a one-stop solution
  • Customer Management: Managing the customer relationship during their lifecycle is very important, the acquisition, lifecycle management, and retention are the key stages of the customer journey
  • Customisability: No 2 businesses work in the exact same way, the CRM has to be built to adapt to different use cases and complex workflows
  • API capabilities: A strong API infrastructure is a must, APIs help CRM platforms create an integrated one-stop experience for their customers
  • AI-ML: Predictive analytics, predictive suggestions, learning from existing data, helping decision-makers and users make better decisions and drive better experience is empowered through AI-ML

What makes an enterprise-grade SaaS company stand out in the B2C space?

I believe any platform that is bound by features cannot scale in the enterprise SaaS ecosystem. The key to success in this space is how you use the features as a medium to solve customer problems, how scalable you are, how customizable you are, and how agile you are as a platform. Kapture is solving these complex problems, implementing personalized workflows with an extremely user-friendly, foolproof CRM platform.

In the era where no-code platforms are taking SaaS to the next level, being ahead of the curve is not just important but a necessity. 

What to keep in mind to get started in the SaaS-driven business model?

I believe the starting point for any SaaS company has to be one of these two things, solving an unsolved problem or a better mousetrap.

The SaaS ecosystem always rewards a great product, no matter where you are from and what your background is. I recommend entrepreneurs to think from first principles when building a SaaS business while always being on the lookout for scenarios in the product development phase to not reinvent the wheel. 

Scalability is going to be one of the key differentiators be it solving an unsolved problem or building a better mousetrap.

What strategies do you follow to always be ahead of the competition in this space?

Like I mentioned before, being customer first has always made us better, we built and continue to build our product based on what the customer wants, their feedback, and what takes their process to the next level. We are always ahead of the curve when it comes to our product, be it our technology stack, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) embedded into the product, intelligence in the system, and also a solid roadmap to make our customers experience the best-in-class, easy to use SaaS platform out there. 

The agility and custom’s ability in Kapture enable us to work with a plethora of industries across the board, e-commerce, fintech, consumer durables, medical devices, telecom, pharma, travel to name a few.

Where do you see Kapture CRM in the next five years?

The path that we are on is very exciting, we already work with more than 750 customers across 18 geographies now and we are expanding our portfolio rapidly. I have no doubt in Kapture being a globally loved brand that is turning our customer’s vision for their customer interactions into a reality with our bleeding-edge technology.

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