“Our aim is to build a long and fruitful association with Pantum...

“Our aim is to build a long and fruitful association with Pantum as their Distributor”


Softek Office Products P Ltd is well-known authorised partner for several renowned printer brands. Recently, Pantum appointed Softek as distributor for New Delhi-NCR for Pantum’s printer solutions. In an Interaction with NCN, Vinod Kr. Singh, Director and Rajeshwar Tiwari Director, of Softek, share their views about their newly established association with Pantum brand for their printer products, their optimism about brand performance and expected market success in the Indian market.

Pantum has entered the Indian market well-equipped and prepared. What is your opinion about the performance of the brand in the Indian market?

We have signed up with ‘Pantum’ just a quarter back as distributor for New Delhi-NCR. And now we started getting positive responses from the market. We have placed the Pantum printers at all the top-notch printer retailers and encouragingly we are getting repeat orders from many retailers. Also, Pantum is now a registered brand on government e-market place (GeM) portal. And, we have started getting orders on GeM too which definitely indicates the acceptance of the products in the government/PSU sectors.

Why has Pantum selected Softek as a distributor?

We sign up with any brand only after using and testing the products just as the end customers. When Pantum came to us, we used their products and realised their efficiency and durability and understood that their products stand up to the customers’ expectations. Particularly, in the laser A4 segment, customers look for prompt service support, low running costs and of course cost-effectiveness of the printers. Pantum matches all these parameters.

How do you position the Pantum brand in the market?

There are two types of customers in market place – one who sticks to a brand and will adjust his requirements according to products of that brand. And the other kind of customer is open to reason, change his preferences and try new brands and models in a segment. So, our target audience is the latter type of customers. I firmly believe that these customers will not only buy Pantum products but also recommend the same to others, as Pantum products meet the standards.

What type of benefits and support do you expect from Pantum as their distributor?

Pantum is a new brand to the Indian market and positioning a new brand in any segment is a challenge. But we believe that Pantum has done all their important basic groundwork, like signing WIPRO as their authorised national service provider, before stepping into the Indian market place, which will place customers’ confidence in the brand at a higher level. So, we are sure that our association with Pantum is going to be long and successful. We along with Pantum are investing in terms of placing the products and positioning of the brand firmly in the market and once the brand and products are established, revenues and profits follow on their own.

What are your plans for the next financial year?

We are looking forward to a great response from the market for Pantum products. We are expecting a sale of 10K-20K printer units in the financial year 2019-2020 and to grow rapidly beyond that.