Dell Technologies Ranked No. 1 in the x86 Server Segment will Continue...

Dell Technologies Ranked No. 1 in the x86 Server Segment will Continue to Provide Innovative Solutions in this space

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Dell Technologies helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform the way they work. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era. Mr. Manish Gupta, Sr Director and GM, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India, in an interaction with NCN shares their business policy, objectives in the server solutions space in the Indian market.

Q1. Could you brief the evolution of the server market landscape in India?

Ans. Over the years, the server industry has undergone a rapid transformation. Current times have not just taught the Indian organizations about the benefits of transforming into a digital-first business, but have also made them realize the critical role that IT plays to maintain business continuity and foster innovation.  As a result, we are now witnessing an uptake in adoption of technologies like cloud computing, virtualization, big data, etc. As customers adopt new digital channels of engagement, they will have to deploy powerful and modern technologies such as servers to ensure that they unlock their data value and deliver superior customer experience. 

Servers have been the bedrock of modern datacenters. They are the underlying technology that delivers highest performance capabilities to an organization, helping them manage their diverse workloads and derive real data insights. Hence, at Dell Technologies we are constantly investing in the development of our server portfolio. Our range of server solutions maximize operational effectiveness and optimize flexibility at any scale, and other features across the edge to the core to the cloud.

Q2. Please brief on Dell Technologies’ journey in providing server solutions and what made the company a leader in this segment?

Ans. I am delighted to share that we started the year on a good note with respect to our server business. As per IDC Q1 2020 India Server Industry report, Dell Technologies was ranked as No. 1 in the x86 server segment with a revenue share of 36.0%.  I believe that our leadership in this segment is a testimony that our holistic server portfolio resonated well with our customers in India. Also, our customer wins come from across segments like – professional services, financial institutions, and high-tech semiconductor manufacturing companies, and telecommunication vendors; enabling us to secure the top spot.

Moreover, Dell Technologies has always been at the forefront in delivering the best technology innovations to its customers. This is followed for our server portfolio as well. We connect with our customers, understand their challenges and accordingly provide them with a complete range of server portfolios, to meet the ever-increasing demands. With our industry-leading server solution, I am confident that we are the right digital partners for our customers across the board. 

Q3. Which market segment is Dell Technologies’ main target in India?

AnsWe are observing demand from many industries and organizations across sizes, be they large scale enterprises or MSMEs, as these businesses have increasingly realized that IT transformation has to go hand-in-hand with digital progress and business growth. Also, traditional businesses, which are taking the digital route in these times to accommodate remote working requirements, are upgrading their server infrastructures.

Hence we focus on bringing our innovations to organizations spanning all verticals. Highlighting specifically about our big wins in Q1 2020, I can say that they were majorly from verticals like financial institutions, telecommunication, IT & ITeS, high-tech semiconductor manufacturing, etc.

Q4. What new trends do you foresee in the server space?

Ans. Few trends that we foresee in the Indian server segment are:

Workload Centricity: Role of IT has been changing over the last few years to support and create new business models and be the flag bearer of innovation. To enable this, customers are deploying new age workloads at an ever-increasing pace and are looking at workload centric server architectures to ensure that they get the best value from these workloads.

Adoption of accelerators: Businesses are turning to data-driven insights to cater to the changing demands of their markets. This requires computing to be closest to data and have the capability to analyze large quantities of data in near real-time. Over the last few years, new accelerators such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), Field Programmable Graphic Arrays (FPGAs), Intelligent Processing Units (IPUs), etc have emerged and have brought in the compute capabilities that did not exist in the past. Servers will need to harness the power of these accelerators to respond to the demand of businesses.

Edge Computing: Edge computing has gained a lot of prominence in recent times with the advent of technologies such as 5G network, ADAS, etc. Edge computing requires new server architecture which will be critical to providing the required performance and resiliency. 

Q5. What are the latest server-side innovations that Dell Technologies is offering for enterprises and other organizations?

Ans. Today, we are the only organization in the industry that provides end-to-end solutions to our customers from the edge to the core, to the cloud. Our latest solutions that we are developing, like the ready-solutions, are resonating well with our customers and the innovations at the core of our server solutions extremely differentiate us from anyone else in the market. Along with this, the holistic server portfolio provides exceptional performance, simplified management, intelligent automation, and enhanced security designed to address the burgeoning demands. Additionally, last year, we expanded our server portfolio by introducing Dell EMC PowerEdge servers powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYCTM processors that help customers to meet and surpass the demands of modern workloads and offer robust end-to-end integrated security protection, allowing IT managers to focus more towards innovation. Moreover, we offer new-age tech such as ML and automation as a capability inbuilt in our solutions rather than providing it as an add-on.

Q6. What are your future plans?

Ans. Our approach has always been to empower our customers in their digital & IT transformation journey by providing them with the complete portfolio as well as the most innovative solutions. So far, we have been able to do that seamlessly due to our close proximity with our partners and customers. By doing so, we are able to understand their needs, challenges and therefore, we are able to guide them or offer them customized technology advice/ solutions. Moving forward, we will continue our commitment towards our partners and customers and also try to further our investment in developing new and contemporary solutions that will foster their digital journey. Therefore, developing new and innovative solutions, being customer-centric, and maintaining close proximity with our partners 24X7, are and will continue to be the growth pillars for us going ahead.