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INSTALLATION OF MATRIX IP Cameras and NVRs – Vietnam Defense Organization

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The defense organization in Vietnam is responsible for the coordination and deployment of artillery units within the Vietnamese armed forces. It serves as the central command point for all artillery operations, including planning, monitoring, and execution of artillery strikes during combat operations.

The defense organization’s operations and capabilities evolve continuously to meet the changing demands of modern warfare. It represents a significant investment in the country’s military infrastructure and is a key element in its efforts to ensure national security and sovereignty.


The Defense Organization in Hanoi, Vietnam needed a comprehensive surveillance system to improve their day-to-day operations and enhance overall security. The Center had specific requirements for the configuration of the video surveillance system.

Certain areas in the Center were considered sensitive as they required a high level of security. The cameras in these areas had to be configured in such a way that only the senior management staff could access them. However, the rest of the cameras had to be configured to allow access for other technical management staff and security guards.

To keep a watchful eye on the cameras, NVRs with ample storage space were also a need. The cameras in sensitive areas required NVRs that ensured continuous operation and backup to avoid any kind of security breach. At the same time, the video footage from the unrestricted areas also had to be monitored to keep records and ensure safety.

Finding a reliable security solution that is not sourced from either a Chinese or Korean brand was another noteworthy challenge faced by the Defense Organization because Vietnamese regulations require imported products to meet certain safety, quality, and technical standards before they can be used in the country.

Solution Offered

Matrix experts helped the Defense Organization in building a reliable security infrastructure. The team worked with the Defense officials right from the design stage to understand their requirements better.

As the Organization is spread across a large area, the cameras had to be installed strategically in order to get maximum coverage. 40 Professional Series 2MP Bullet IP Cameras were installed at different points to keep a security check at all the outdoor locations. These cameras were also used to keep a check on the entry and exit points. Similarly, 40Professional Series 2MP Dome IP Cameras were installed in such a way that they covered indoor locations. Out of all the 80 IP cameras, 10 IP Cameras were installed in the sensitive areas of the Center that had restricted access.

The user-defined roles and rights feature in Matrix NVRs allows for the creation of unique users, each having a specific user ID and password. Hence, unique user IDs were created each for the senior management staff, the technical management staff, and the guards. Each user had been granted pre-defined access to cameras based on their roles.

Using this feature, Matrix SATATYA NVR1601X was configured to provide restricted video footage access only to senior management staff for 10cameras in sensitive areas, ensuring that sensitive footage was viewed only by authorized personnel.

The rest of the cameras were configured with Matrix SATATYANVR3202X which provided open access to the guards and the technical management teams. Matrix SATATYA NVRs come with an in-built Video Management Software (VMS). All users could log in simultaneously to the system but could only access the specific predefined cameras based on their roles.

Furthermore, two monitors were placed near the gate which displayed live footage from the camera, allowing for easy monitoring of the security system.

Products Offered

Matrix SATATYA IP Cameras:

SATATYA MIBR20FL28CWP – 2MP IR Bullet Fixed 2.8mm Lens With Audio

SATATYA MIDR20FL28CWP – 2MP IR Dome Fixed 2.8mm Lens With Audio

Matrix SATATYA Network Video Recorders:

SATATYA NVR1601X – 16 Channel NVR with 1 SATA Port (1No.)

SATATYA NVR3202X – 32 Channel NVR with 2 SATA Ports (1No.)

Solution Diagram


Matrix IP Cameras and NVRs proved to be a comprehensive security solution for the Center. The 512 GB SD card support in Matrix IP Cameras proved to be extremely beneficial to guard sensitive areas in the center, as it requires critical information to be protected even in case of network or power failures.

The user-defined roles and rights feature in Matrix SATAYA NVRs allowed only the senior management staff to log in and view the cameras in sensitive areas, ensuring restricted access to the necessary footage, and thereby maintaining security and privacy.

The RAID support in Matrix SATATYA NVRs ensured redundancy in video storage and minimalized the chances of data loss.

Additionally, Matrix SATATYA NVRs come with an in-built Video Management Software (VMS) which made the entire solution cost-effective, and easy to install and manage.

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