NCN Channel Partners Summit 2020 Pune Conducted Grandly

NCN Channel Partners Summit 2020 Pune Conducted Grandly

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NCN, a B2B media, and media partner and close associate of CMDA, has conducted NCN Channel Partners Summit 2020 Pune on Feb 11 in close collaboration with CMDA. The event included an engaging Panel Discussion and awards distribution ceremony and was attended by nearly 200 leading vendors and partners from the Pune region. This event slated to coincide with the CMDA Expo 2020 held on Feb 11-12, 2020. During the event, NCN also gave awards to the leading partners and Special Awards to the leading brands for their performances in the Pune region.

Kausar Dhabiya, President, CMDA, commented, “We are glad that NCN and we could conduct this Channel Partner Summit in grand way. This event gave a new experience to our partners and exhibitors at CMDA expo and it is also an occasion to interact for all of us in a partying atmosphere and lighter moods. Hope we will have this event next year too in a bigger way in a manner that will benefit the partners with new knowledge and excitement. NCN, as a channel media, has been doing a great job in bringing the associations and the partners. We hope our collaboration with NCN will move to higher levels in the coming years.”

The event included an engaging Panel Discussion on the topic ‘The latest technologies, market trends, opportunities and challenges in the ICT industry and role of partners and ICT associations.’ The panelists included: Mr Champakraj Gurjar (Chief Mentor & Founder President – FAIITA); Mr Rishi Ghare, CEO, Wifisoft LLC; Mr Chanchal Deshwal -Director Technology – 3Gen Data Systems (USA); and Mr Sanjay Kumar – Sales Director (India) OSCOO; and Mr Swapan Roy, Founder and Editorial Director of NCN [Moderator]. The panel discussion gave special insights into the storage and datacenter solutions which are getting cheaper, more efficient and multi-featured. The panelists also discussed how to get the best of the latest technologies and business trends.

Champakraj Gujjar explained how we fall divided, win and rise united. He briefed how partners and vendors can win by working with unity and how even the government policies could be altered to favor the partner community. He advised all the smaller and regional associations to work closely with the bigger and national associations to achieve objectives and gain leverage in conducting businesses.

The awardees were selected on the basis of different criteria like performance in the last 3 years, annual growth rate, popularity among partners, etc. The event also included video presentations from Cadyce, Smart Stations, OSCOO and 3Gen Datasystems. The event attracted applause and appreciation for the attendees and CMDA members.

Swapan Roy commented, “This is the first time we conducted the Channel Partners Summit in Pune. We are very enthused by the response and appreciation we received from the partners and CMDA members who attended the event. It has been very exciting to get closer to the channel partner community in the Pune region. Our hearty thanks to the CMDA for giving us this opportunity to conduct this event here. We hope the awards and recognitions will encourage the winners perform better in future. Next year, we want to conduct this event in a bigger way with generous support and encouragement from our partner and associate, CMDA.”

The event ended with cocktail, dinner and social interaction between attendees.