At FAIITA Meeting, Leading Vendors Agree to Maintain Price Parity Between Online...

At FAIITA Meeting, Leading Vendors Agree to Maintain Price Parity Between Online and Offline Channels


Pursuant to FAIITA and Brand Owners meeting convened by PCAIT in New Delhi, all brand owners have ad idem agreed to following concerns tabled by FAIITA on behalf of pan-India B&M: 1. ‘Zero Tolerance’ to online- led disruption anytime, especially during forthcoming festive season, 2. Details related to SKUs inter alia models, quantity sold to or will sell to online for their planned forthcoming festive sales and likely price, shall be shared with secretary FAIITA or their respective authorized channel in advance, 3. Models, SKUs, Derivatives and specifications and availability of all products will remain same from customer perspective across all GTMs, 4. As far as possible the frequent and immediate price drop on products carried by B&M shall be avoided by brand owners, 5. HP will take initiatives and plan some unique ways to identify and distinguish HP OEM toner from counterfeit and ensure to protect the credibility of their channel partners, and 6. MRP of all products will be same across all GTMs, and Online will not be permitted to publish deceptively escalated MRP and significant discount offered thereby.Champak Raj Gurjar, President of FAIITA, commented, “As we all know, during the last few years, the same products selling at different prices online and offline has made the operations of the offline partners difficult (with products selling a low prices online). FAIITA has informed the leading vendors in clear terms about the concerns of the offline partners and that just backend support to the offline channel is not sufficient; the partners want price parity between online and offline sales. And the offline partners want the implementation of this change before the forthcoming festival season. We are glad that representatives of all the leading vendors like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and ASUS have attended the event and have promised to consider the concerns of the offline partners and take immediate measures to set the same prices online and offline. Also there are some concerns regarding the serial number of some HP products causing confusion among partners while differentiating originals and counterfeits, and representatives of HP have agreed to look into the matter take corrective measures. Overall, we are happy with the outcome of the meeting and we hope the vendors will take more measures in the coming months and years to protect the offline channel.”