Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Graphline Computers, as VAD, Aims to Offer Customer Delight

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Graphline Computers Private Limited, founded in 1989, is a value-added distributor providing services to various reputed MNCs, Indian corporates, and software houses. The company is engaged in marketing and servicing computers, laptops, UPS systems, printers, scanners, backup hardware, and networking solutions. Graphline maintains stringent service standards backed by dedicated resources. The organization has an advanced setup for providing quality support and efficient manpower to handle calls within minimum uptime. Their manpower includes call coordinators, support managers, support engineers, and delivery boys. Today, Graphline’s partners include Digital/ Compaq & HP. Graphline focuses on providing value-based services, uncompromising quality, and customer satisfaction. The company is never content with customer satisfaction but strives for customer delight. In an interaction with NCN, Mr. D.P. Sinha, Managing Director, Graphline Computers Private Limited, shares their company’s policy, market strategy, and business philosophy.

Q. Why did you choose this business?

I have done my MBA in MIS so I was always keen on computers. We first started our association with Digital that later with Compaq and shortly afterward with Hewlett Packard (HP). We were the first distributor for Apple in India. In 1995/96 digital compact tolls came into play and at the beginning of 2000 HP took over that.

Q. Please brief us about your journey so far and your focus?

Our business journey has been good. Nowadays people are buying more computers every day. Our partners include Digital, Compaq, and HP for the last 15 years in New Delhi. We specialize in only high-end products, which we stock and sell. We are currently engaged in the marketing and servicing of PCs, laptops, UPS systems, servers, printers, scanners, backup hardware, and networking solutions. We are well-equipped to attend customer support calls with a minimum uptime.

Q. How the Covid 19 impacted your business?

Covid 19 has negatively impacted many businesses, but it has also created a lot of opportunities and there has been a rise in the demand for mobility products as people started studying and working from home. We got a lot of orders during and post-lockdown as there has been a significant increase in demand for desktops and laptops.

Q. What are the opportunities and challenges in the enterprise and SMB markets in India at present?

The enterprise market is growing, but our focus is more on SMBs—small and large. With many start-ups coming up, opportunities are growing in the SMB segment. However, the main challenge here is increasing demand for credit, which further worsened after the outbreak of Covid-19.

Q. What are your company philosophy and objectives?

Graphline aims to develop business models & strategies that maximize the stakeholder’s benefits and satisfaction. We aim to be a forerunner in providing computer hardware solutions. Our aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through maintaining world-class quality standards with round-the-clock support. We strive to be a continuously learning organization.

Q. What are your future plans?

The present market is not good for lower-end products and services, but the upper-end market is growing. We are planning to focus more on mobility and premium products and services. We will continuously focus on what we are doing and give our best to ensure the best products and services to our partners and customers.

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