Wednesday, August 17, 2022

GlobalLogic Announces Appointment of New President and CEO

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GlobalLogic Inc., a Hitachi Group Company and leader in Digital Engineering, announced that its President and CEO Mr. Shashank Samant will be succeeded by the firm’s current Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mr. Nitesh Banga, who will become the new President and CEO effective October 1, 2022. Nitesh is a well-rounded and seasoned executive who has successfully worked across functions from Strategy, Go-To-Market, Engineering, and Operations while also launching similar businesses in the Japan market. Mr. Shashank Samant will assume a new role as Chairman of the GlobalLogic Board, in addition to being the Executive Advisor to Mr. Toshiaki Tokunaga, the Head of Hitachi Digital Systems and Services (DSS) Sector. In this capacity, Mr. Samant will continue to support the GlobalLogic business as well as advise on Hitachi Group’s broader digital business growth strategy.

Toshiaki Tokunaga, the Head of Hitachi Digital Systems and Services (DSS) Sector
Mr. Toshiaki Tokunaga, the Head of Hitachi Digital Systems and Services (DSS) Sector

For more than a decade as CEO, Mr. Shashank Samant led GlobalLogic through strong growth phases during which he oversaw several strategic acquisitions and digital capability expansion efforts. His leadership and expertise took the company from a group of elite software engineers to a global digital engineering leader, eventually becoming a part of the Hitachi Group.

Shashank Samant, CEO at GlobalLogic
Mr. Shashank Samant, CEO at GlobalLogic

“I am proud of the industry leading growth we achieved during my time as GlobalLogic’s CEO,” commented Mr. Shashank Samant. “I believe that for organizations to continue to lead and succeed, their executive leadership must also evolve. Mr. Nitesh Banga has proven throughout his career that he is a strong leader across both vision and execution. I am confident that he will set a successful course that will take GlobalLogic through its next major growth phases. I’m also very excited to continue supporting GlobalLogic in my new role as Chairman of the Board as well as to contribute to Hitachi Group’s digital business expansion and digital transformation acceleration.”

Nitesh Banga, Chief Operating Officer at GlobalLogic
Mr. Nitesh Banga, Chief Operating Officer at GlobalLogic

Since his arrival in 2018, Mr. Nitesh Banga has led critical functions of GlobalLogic’s business. He contributed significantly to GlobalLogic’s noteworthy growth while also adeptly navigating the company through monumental challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Mr. Nitesh Banga is a services industry veteran with diversified expertise ranging across Strategy, Business Development, Service Delivery, Operations, and Mergers and Acquisitions. He has adeptly run large-scale P&L organizations and has a deep understanding of Western and Eastern cultures, including Japan. Prior to joining GlobalLogic, he spent more than two decades at IT services and consulting firm Infosys.

“It’s an honor and great responsibility to lead GlobalLogic,” said Mr. Nitesh Banga. “The passion, expertise, and deep commitment to our clients’ success demonstrated by our employees has created an invigorating, creative institution. As we enter our third decade, we have a unique opportunity to accelerate enterprise digital transformation backed by Hitachi’s incredible heritage, global reach, and trusted brand.”

Keiji Kojima, President and CEO of Hitachi
Mr. Keiji Kojima, President and CEO of Hitachi

“Since GlobalLogic joined the Hitachi Group, Mr. Shashank Samant has made significant contributions to the growth of its entire digital business. I look forward to his continued strength in helping the Hitachi Group grow and transform through digital technology,” said Mr. Keiji Kojima, President and CEO of Hitachi, Ltd. “ Mr. Nitesh Banga has had an excellent track record as COO of GlobalLogic and I am confident that he will be able to maintain the high momentum of growth in the future. We are pleased to be working with a leader of his caliber to deliver new value through innovation, Green, and Digital solutions for our customers around the world.”

“With GlobalLogic becoming a part of the Hitachi Family, Hitachi’s digital capability has expanded tremendously,” said Mr. Tokunaga. “I would like to thank Mr. Shashank Samant for his capable leadership and look forward to his contributions as Chairman of the Board. Going forward, under Mr. Nitesh Banga’s leadership, I expect GlobalLogic to continue creating synergies with Hitachi Digital and other Hitachi Group companies, and to dramatically expand the digital business through DX support for customers.


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