Dell gaming machines are engineered with the specific, demanding needs of the gaming audience in mind. From the latest processors to powerful discrete graphics cards, they make every experience more intense and real – no matter what your level of gaming experience.

Easy – Regardless of price, gamers want a PC that is easy to set up and get gaming once it is out of the box. The Dell G Series computers are designed for entry-level to mainstream gamers, featuring the latest technology, including 9th Gen Intel Core processors, powerful NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics, a range of storage and memory options, and thoughtfully designed thermal management systems.

Purposeful Innovation – Dell strives to help its customers interact with what matters most to them.

Innovative technologies help gamers of all levels get more immersed in their games, become engrossed in video content, and more. Lags, delays and buffering become a thing of the past. The latest processors and graphics cards render new worlds. Alienware Command Center enables the ability to customize your gaming experience. Specially tuned audio provides immersive sound. Wireless connects quickly and stays connected. Purposeful innovation makes all of this more fun, especially when it’s so seamless.

Powerful, compact gaming desktop with easy upgradeability and up to 9th Gen Intel CoreTM i7 CPUs, VR-capable GPUs and supports up to 64GB DDR4 RAM.

Kick performance into high gear: Engineered for upgrade up to 9th Gen Intel CoreTM i9 processors and i9 K-Series CPUs, the G5 gaming desktop possesses powerful performance and split-second responsiveness for uninterrupted gameplay.

VR-capable graphics: Built for easy expandability, the G5 supports up to the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX and RTX or AMD graphics cards for high-powered gameplayand VR-capable performance.

Do more with more memory: Supports up to 64GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM ensures overall advanced performance during intensive gaming.

Optimal cooling: The G5 stays cool during intense gaming sessions thanks to optimal airflow driven by a 95W fan, with a maximum fan speed of 4500 rpm and a flowrate of 41.8 cubic feet per minute (CFM). With four thermal mode options that can be set in the Alienware Command Center, you can adjust based on your needs whether gaming, working, studying or watching videos.