Pulp Strategy launches AR powered Creative-Tech suite of services

Pulp Strategy launches AR powered Creative-Tech suite of services


New promising technologies are increasingly giving wings to self-expression among the youth. Spotting this emerging trend, Pulp Strategy has launched creative tech to power up content marketing for brands on social media. Opening a new world of possibilities, the cutting-edge technologies help brands improve consumer engagement, build stronger emotional connections and leave a lasting impression on consumer’s long-term consciousness.

Pulp Strategy, India’s largest independent agency in the digital communications and technology space, recently established a dedicated new-age consumer engagement solutions division called Creative Tech. The brand new suite of services will enable Pulp Strategy’s clients to get a first-mover advantage on these emerging technologies and achieve an enhanced level of customer engagement achieved only by some of the most powerful brands worldwide.AR lenses to help try out new products virtually, improve engagement with branded filters on Facebook and Instagram, bring alive retail branding with virtual reality integrations, engage consumers with gesture control games and more. Brands have started tapping the immense potential of these technologies to engage their target audience in innovative ways.

The Creative Tech division currently focuses on Augmented Reality, VR, Gesture control and Visual programming. Pulp Strategy as also leveraging Facebook’s and Instagram’s AR & gamification capabilities to offer an in-depth exploration of enhanced digital engagement that can elevate brand-consumer communication to a much more interactive, engaging and personalized level.

Pulp Strategy has incorporated an array of audience engagement features driven by a powerful Augmented Reality framework offered by Facebook. For instance, Pulp Strategy’s Creative Tech Suite of services offer AR filter of Gesture Control that can track subtle facial and body movements such as a blink of an eye, a pout or a hand gesture to initiate action. It also allows brands to take their users to new places virtually using Background Segmentation that enables a user to add whatever background they choose while taking a selfie. In fact, through Pulp Strategy’s latest service offering, brands can also enhance a user’s video watching experience by allowing them to alter the storyline or other features as per their preference, a la Bandersnatch!

Commenting on the motivation behind launching Creative Tech, Pulp Strategy’s MD Ambika Sharma said, we have deployed creative tech for a few of our clients already, we are now opening up our capabilities to enable agencies and brands to get the best out of their content marketing and campaigns. Engagement today is changing, the clutter places a strain on the best laid plans and creative tech is a big differentiator. It elevated the engagement and cuts through the clutter, unlike the recent past there is no longer the need to download AR apps, or scan QR codes, this is simple and available within the most popular social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram. In a digital media campaign or in a retail environment the technology is accessible anywhere any time with awesome possibilities. We have seen up too 8X increase in engagement in campaigns which use the innovation Pulp Strategy through its Creative Tech services, aims to help brands drive interactive engagement to its full potential. “

Creative Tech also includes a unique Object or image Scanning feature that allows an enterprise’s marketing collaterals, such its latest print ad, to communicate with consumers. Within the Facebook app this tech allows users to scan the brand image to initiate a pre-designated action like for instance playing the TVC or a DIY video. Imaging if your product placement in the very cluttered cosmetics counter at the store came with its own “how to video” or the magazine advertisement could actually give a behind the scenes of the “look”.