GameLoop is Leading the Global Emulator Market with Over 50 Million Monthly...

GameLoop is Leading the Global Emulator Market with Over 50 Million Monthly Active Users



Launched in 2018 by Tencent, GameLoop, an incubation product eyeing overseas market by Yingyingbao the largest marketplace to discover and download mobile apps in China, now has hit 450 million installs globally. Which, makes GameLoop one of the biggest app distribution platforms in the world.

GameLoop is the upgraded brand of Tencent Gaming Buddy, who has entered the global market as the official Android emulator of PUBG Mobile. Priority for a deep adaption together with the developer and publisher team makes GameLoop or Tencent Gaming Buddy the best emulator in the market to play PUBG Mobile. While with the increasing demands from its users to discover and play mobile games on PC, in 2019 GameLoop has offered over 200 games for its players, including the most expected mobile game of 2019, Call of Duty Mobile. And it becomes a turning point where Tencent Gaming Buddy

GameLoop – Play Massive Games on PC

After one year developing, GameLoop has offered its service to 450 million players in over 240 countries, with over 45 million monthly active players downloading and playing games. Based on the demographic, most of its players coming from Mena Area, North and South America, as well as Southeast Asia.

Games on GameLoop platform cover up to distinctive categories, including classic First-person shooting game(FPS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA), Auto Mobile, Role-playing game (RPG), Arcade and more. Particularly, Tencent’s official games PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Arena Of Valor. Additionally, users have access to more than just games, selected news, gaming and tournament live-streams, and exclusive game videos are within its reach. Achieve one-stop coverage in all gaming related areas.

Compared to other simulators, GameLoop has four powerful competencies:

1. Massive Game Choices

• Positioning at offering gaming library for players, which not only includes the PC game but also includes the mobile game and apps.

• Providing massive and latest game information and updates all around the world.

• Provide a one-stop game platform for players with all category games.

2. Network Acceleration: Faster and Smoothing Experience

• Exclusive personalized smart keymapping setting for a fast and exciting experience.

• Personalized setting for players, and multiple control operations with one click.

• Hide the basic operation UI features, providing more simplify view.

3. Exclusive Anti-Cheating System

• The exclusive TP security system, providing the security and privacy of players.

• Unique anti-trojan function to reduce the number of hackers.

4. Self-innovated AOW engine

• Offering deep adaptation service to mobile games, ensure players could use the emulator with any gaming environment

• Lower the requirements for the configuration of devices, improving the ultimate experience for players.