Thursday, March 30, 2023

FAIITA Elects New Office Bearers for the Period 2019-2021

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Federation of All India Information Technology Associations (FAIITA) is the National Federation of all many state and regional associations of IT Business & Services in India. FAIITA, as a national federation, uses its influence and strength to resolve the issues between partners and vendors and also negotiates with the government on the policies that affect the partners. Upon the completion of the term of present executives, elections were held at New Delhi on 12th October 2019 to elect new office bearers representing 25 States & Union Territories of India. And the members unanimously elected new office bearers to all the key posts for the year 2019-2021. Alok Gupta the Presiding Officer of these elections, announced the newly elected office bearers of FAIITA for 2019-2021 as listed below:

Position Name
President Kaushik P.Pandya
Chief Mentor&Founder President Champakraj Gurjar
Sr.Vice President Devesh Kumar Rastogi
Vice President S.Karthikeyan
General Secretary Navin Kumar Gupta
Treasurar Laju P Raju
National Convenor Sanjeev Walia
JT.Treasurar Sushil Kumar
Jt.Secretary Arun Kumar Dey
Regional Vice President East J.K.Bothra
Regional Jt.Secretary  East BL Navalakha
Regional Vice President  North Naveen Gupta
Regional Jt.Secretary North Naresh Batra
Regional Vice President Central Manish Goel
Regional Jt. Secretary  Central Mihir Sharma
Regional Vice President South BV Deepak Kumar
Regional Jt.Secretary South B Ananda Rao
Regional Vice resident West Viren Bavishi
Regional Jt.Secretary West Mitesh Deve
Imm.Past SECRETARY Saket Kapoor
Member. Deepak Vidhan

Kaushik Pandya, the new President of FAIITA, comments, “So far our focus has been on resolving online-offline price issues and other minor matters. Now we want to go beyond, give a new face to FAIITA, foray into new segments, add new activities and goals to the association. I thank all the members and the former and present office bearers for bringing the association to the current level and with their support and cooperation, we aim to take it to the next level.”

Shri Navin Gupta – General Secretary, shared, “In the last 5 years, the association has grown a lot in membership and in its professional level. Now we have a mature team. We want to go beyond the level of just solving price issues and involve actively in the govt policies and activities like Make in India, Skill India, etc and in streamlining retail business. We are glad that even the government has now recognized FAIITA as a partner while taking decisions and drafting policies. We have to set new goals for the next 2 years to take the association to the next level. Now we have new confidence built on our experiences during last 5 years and we are sure that we will take FAIITA to the next level to serve the partner community in a better way that will place all in Win-Win situations.”

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