Enjay IT Solutions Organize Free Online-Webinar

Enjay IT Solutions and NCN Bring Highly Beneficial Free Online-Webinar on the Latest Trends in Sales Management during Lockdown

Highly Beneficial Free Online-Webinar on the Latest Trends in Sales Management (on Wed, 8 April 2020, 1:30 to 3:00 pm)

Sales Management is a challenging task and an ongoing process and needs different kind of skills to deal with highly dynamic aspects like varying consumer behaviors, changing human temperaments and tastes, shifting competition and highly fluctuating revenues. A Salesman or a Sales Manager has to be always on his toes. Developing skills in Sales Management is an continual and never-ending process. To ensure the survival and success of a company, from the frontline Salesman, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, CEO, Partner to Owner, all need to be have the sales skills. People have tried sticks, carrots, targets, incentives, pushes and pulls, but to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to keep learning new techniques and latest skills to deal with the ever changing market demands.
Join us for a highly helpful and informative 90-minute online-webinar, conducted by Enjay IT Solutions Ltd in association with NCN, as it unfolds the latest trends and experiences in Sales Management in the current market scenario.

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1. Practical role and responsibility of the Sales Manager.
2. What to measure? A Billion Rupee Question !
3. Managing Factory Workers v/s Managing Sales Team.
4. Monitoring, Mentoring or Managing your Sales Team?
5. What can be the biggest incentive for a Sales Person?
6. Sales Management using Technology in 2020
7. Q & A

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Limesh Parekh,
CEO, Enjay IT Solutions Ltd.
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