Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Encouraged by Success, GIGABYTE Plans to Expand their Operations Further in India

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In an exclusive interview with NCN Magazine, Mr. Sunil Grewal, Head of Indian Operations, and Executive Director of GIGABYTE India, reveals his views on the GIGABYTE business policy, future plans, vision & mission for India market.

Kindly brief us about GIGABYTE.

We started as a JV with D-Link India Ltd in 2003 and established ourselves as an independent company in 2008. The JV started out with imports and we were a very small company at the start and from there the journey has been quite a roller coaster ride for GIGABYTE in India. We invested a lot in our business and went through a change in management & policies. In 2012, we invested towards infrastructure in RMA and opened six L4 centers in India and then gradually kept increasing the numbers. We also invested in SSP (special service centers).

The main focus has always been on customer satisfaction and to cater to the demands of our consumers effectively. From 2013, GIGABYTE gained lion’s share in the market and we were No. 1 in the business by 2014 and were No. 1 in the motherboard business by 2015 and we are still retaining that position. In 2018, we introduced VGA cards under GIGABYTE India, and in 2020 we started out with our new product-line of SSDs, power supplies and monitors were also launched during this time.

Our aim was, when a consumer wants to build a PC, GIGABYTE should be able to provide the customers with tailor-made support as well as onsite service for the PC built. The key is to provide the consumer with the appropriate services in accordance with their needs & requirements and ultimate goal is for our potential customers can experience the product before purchasing.

Gaming is the area where GIGABYTE concentrating through providing powerful PCs for gamers, other than that, for professional users, like designers, doctors, engineers and other professionals with the best possible services. To achieve our goal of providing the ultimate service to our customers, GIGABYTE has been working relentlessly for the last 2 years. As to hear from true feedback from our customers, we plan to expand our own collection centers across India. We started with our own SSPs in certain locations like Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and Guwahati and strengthen the support setup for our customers.

What changes have you noticed in the consumer behavior and technology requirements?

The biggest change in India is the arrival of smart phones which has become most critical part of our life. We are expecting the mobile users gradually will agree under gaming or professional users scenarios, the mobile device might not be fully catering to demanding requirement of various applications.

The COVID has completely transformed the scenario where every household requires a PC owing to the digitalization in every sector. A PC is not considered as a luxury anymore, it is an important part of everyone’s life. We see a shift in customer needs as well since people started looking out for the best quality PCs which will give them optimum performance with better components. Therefore, you can see an increase in VGA sales, better power supplies, and gaming monitors with high frequencies.

How do you see the future of the Indian market and which segments do you aim to venture next?

Having a PC is not a luxury anymore as I mentioned; it has become a necessity. The Indian PC market is growing exponentially. Looking into FY 21 & FY 22 figures which show approximately 34% growth, it is expected to keep growing for several years to come.

Which new products are you going to launch in the Gaming Laptop Segment?

We have three types of laptops–first to address the entry-level gamers, AERO series is for creators, and AORUS series to address the core gamers. GIGABYTE has always been a channel-friendly company and in the 4th quarter, we will include more channel partners.

How do you motivate your channel partners?

At GIGABYTE, we are working towards providing the best quality products and leverage through marketing resources and service setup to strengthen the brand image of GIGABYTE in India. The service infrastructure for our partners, while promoting our products, the technical & service support can be addressed in time. We treat our channel partners as our families, provide the sales-oriented tools, educational contents, offline marketing material & deco and sales incentives to help our partner expand the business in India.

What message would you like to give to your audience?

I’m thankful for the channel partners because whatever we are today is because of them. Together we aim at better business scope in terms of revenue & margin in the fast changing & challenging world. GIGABYTE is thankful to partners for sticking with us through thick and thin. Information flow is very important for any brand for the IT industry; we aim to provide consultation on technology and provide insight of latest innovations to our partners to accelerate our business with next growth engine.

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