Friday, October 7, 2022

Elista accelerates on Make in India on World’s Innovation map, inspires lives & plans for export

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Founded in 2020, Elista is India’s leading world-class electronics, home appliances, IT, and mobile accessories brand. Part of the TeknoDome, UAE, Elista adheres to India’s ‘Atma Nirbhar’ principle of manufacturing. With a vision to put India on the global innovation map, Elista inspires brands worldwide to manufacture in India to cater to their demand across geographies.

In an exclusive interview with Mobility magazine, Mr. Saket Gaurav, Co-Founder, Elista shared their mission and vision, also the future prospects of going international.

Elista was launched in the year 2020, during the pandemic we came into the market. Initially, we were dealing with consumer durables and IT products in the highly competitive Indian domestic market. We are celebrating our two years of existence in this industry. These two years have been very exciting for us as we have been able to achieve all our planned targets and execute our plans properly.

Elista’s portfolio consists of LED TVs, Washing Machines, Coolers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, IT Accessories, Mobile Accessories & Speakers. The top brass in the company is industry pioneers who have combined expertise of over 200 years. In addition to that, the promoters in Elista have a deep understanding of distribution channels and networks in over 25 countries, owing to the distribution prowess TeknoDome has for managing leading global brands in these countries. The company’s initiatives are motivated by the dual objectives of ‘being vocal for local’ and ‘creating employment possibilities in India. As an Indian consumer electronics company, Elista is driven by the ambition to better people’s lives while establishing the brand.

Mr. Saket Gaurav, Co-Founder, Elista says, “We have managed to bring the Elista brand to all parts of India except a few states, overall, the presence of this brand has been incredible. The purpose of launching our brand in India was due to the gap we found in the demand and supply in the rural market. Elista is focused on bringing high-quality products with the latest technology at an affordable price range.”

Product Portfolio

Currently in IT, Elista deals in monitors, keyboards, mice, mobile accessories, etc. in consumer durables we have home appliances which include TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. In the appliances category the brand plans to introduce air conditioners next year, it has also launched dishwashers in India. In the TV segment, Elista is taking a leap from android TVs and will be launching new models gradually.

Market Trend Changes

India is a huge market and is divided into two parts, one is the brand-centric consumers who go for renowned brands, and the other part is feature centric who are not brand conscious. Elista’s target consumer is the feature conscious who are not brand conscious. 

Mr. Saket Gaurav says, “We make sure to provide all the features which the consumer expects from an established brand, high-quality products at an affordable price.”  

Message to Audience

The brand has been fortunate enough to have been accepted by all parts of India as a trusted brand.

Mr. Saket Gaurav says, “I would like to thank 1 million Elista buyers who have shown confidence in our brand. The trust and faith of our consumers boost our confidence and motivate us to work harder. A big thanks to our distributors and channel partners who have been working with us since the very beginning. They have really helped us to make our mark in the industry, we call our distributors our star family. Progress doesn’t only belong to the brand but also to those who are associated with us. We have an emotional connection with all our partners and distributors and not only a professional relationship.”

Future plans

Elista started this brand from the very beginning our tagline was “Make in India for the world”. The brand had observed that the Indian market offers huge potential which they wanted to tap into. Expanding its reach to the international market is one of our future goals as the position of India is very good in the international market. India does not come under any sanctions, unlike Russia and Iran.

Mr. Saket Gaurav while concluding says, “Our target countries where we would like to expand are Dubai, Africa, the Central parts of Asia, Iran, and Russia. We plan to be available all over India, our brand is already established in the Indian market. Our aim is to expand internationally as well through export business.”


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