Friday, October 7, 2022

Dell Technologies Widens Opportunity for the Channel Partners thru APEX Enhancements

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Dell Technologies, one of the leading IT giants, creates technologies that drive human progress by offering end-to-end solutions that enable endless possibilities organised a Round Table conference recently that entailed the new offerings and the recently launched in the APEX offering, which consisted of the full portfolio. In the future, APEX offering will be extended right to the other parts of the portfolio.

Dell Technologies is driven by its vision to deliver a better tomorrow, advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, transforming lives and upholding ethics and privacy. It creates solutions that harness and amplify technology in the most meaningful ways. From healthcare to education to a digital economy, the brand believes in the power of technology to help solve complex societal challenges.

Consumers need more choice and predictability in how they consume and manage their data. As there is an increasing demand for consumption-based solutions, the brand empowers its diverse partner ecosystem to help customers execute today while elevating for tomorrow.

To accelerate their as-a-Service momentum with partners, today Dell announced enhancements to the APEX portfolio and introduced expanded resell availability of APEX Cloud Services for partners in additional locations worldwide. These portfolio updates and new market access, coupled with the existing APEX Custom Solutions, will afford even greater opportunities for partners to differentiate and promote their individual capabilities while extending the value of APEX to a broader range of customers in more than 35 countries.

To meet customers’ needs and increase partner stickiness, Dell now delivers an option to subscribe to APEX Data Storage Services with or without Dell managed services. This update gives partners the option to add in their own services and meet their customers’ demands for more flexibility, including a choice around who may manage their day-to-day operations. This is an ideal solution for partners who want to incorporate their own value-added capabilities or whose customers want to manage their own as-a-Service experience.

Dell has also expanded the ability for partners to develop cloud native apps on the VMware stack and help their customers modernize their applications. This is a great fit for partners who want to focus on high-value cloud development and let Dell manage operational oversight. For partners, such as service providers who have shifted to selling services in a recurring model, this enhancement enables them the continued opportunity to consume IT the way they are already selling: as-a-Service.

APEX Private and Hybrid Cloud offers partners even more flexibility. Partners can now deliver their own managed services and incorporate APEX into broader data center management contracts. Partners can also implement the new instance-based approach, allowing customers to only pay for resources they need. For customers, who might have thought as-a-Service was out of reach, partners can now offer a smaller 32-instance

Mr. Tian Beng Ng, Senior VP& GM – Channels, Asia Pacific Japan at Dell Technologies

Tian Beng Ng, Senior VP& GM – Channels, Asia Pacific Japan at Dell Technologies, says, “Dell believes that in the future it’s not going to be a question of whether you’re going to keep all your data in the public, or you’re going to keep it in your data center right or in the Edge. The reality is that it will be a mix of all three therefore it’s really critical that our solutions were more and more now be embedded with the ability to move workloads across. Irrespective of whether one is keeping records, the workloads in data center or in Azure and AWS, or in the Edge, Dell solutions will have this ability to move the workloads across all these different areas.”

Mr. Anil Sethi,VP& GM- Channels India, Dell Technologies

Mr. Anil Sethi,VP& GM- Channels India, Dell Technologies, comments, “APEX everything is service and is a huge focus area for partners. We were seeing the boom, there were a lot of cloud, and there were a lot of customers, which moved on to the cloud and some of the workloads that they moved in. There is a repatriation happening so we have from the partners and because that’s too expensive a proposal coming up. So, partners play, will play a very important role in understanding now a customer workload and how they need to be spread into the different basically, between the cloud and on-premise. Partners today have a great choice to offer to our customers as there is a choice on the public cloud, on-premise, and on-premise, again, on a subscription-based model, which is phenomenal and not so easy, by the way to, and effectively will shape the role of the partner.”


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