Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dell Technologies aligns with the changing technology landscape like AI & ML as per the current industry dynamics

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During an exclusive interaction with NCN, Mr Manish Gupta, Senior Director & GM, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, India illustrates their latest offerings and the latest needs of organizations in terms of their digital and infrastructure transformations, the role played by partners and the road ahead. Dell Technologies is a leader in providing the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their critical data. 

Tell us about Dell’s New & Enhanced PowerEdge portfolio?

The business landscape has transformed rapidly amid the current times, making businesses realise that the only constant factor for their growth and development is technology enhancement. This led to the adoption of innovative technologies and increased pace of data generation. Currently, deriving insights from data has become one of the most critical elements for any business across sectors. Hence, keeping these contemporary trends and needs of our customers, we recently introduced the next generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, which enable the companies to seamlessly navigate through data era and also prepare for the future.

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge offerings chart the path of an autonomous infrastructure powered by AI and Edge Computing to offer greater IT efficiency to organizations. It allows organizations to analyze and take action on data wherever it resides. The next-gen solution suite permits the customers to bring computing power closer to their data for fast-paced processing and deeper analysis. Additionally, the solutions offer enhanced security and cyber-resilient innovations that protect the servers through their full lifecycle, and improve energy-efficiency by up to 60% over the previous generations. These new solutions also deliver accelerator-optimized performance to help businesses tackle their most data-intensive workloads.

What are the benefits associated with the next-gen PowerEdge servers?

 The next-gen PowerEdge servers, equipped with new-age solutions, optimize the latest processor technologies offering the compute power required for critical workloads and applications. The full portfolio of these new servers features PCIe Gen 4.0, doubling the throughput performance over past generation servers. This coupled with PowerEdge’s autonomous intelligence, makes this the most AI-enabled PowerEdge portfolio to date, enabling organizations to anticipate and more quickly respond to customers’ ever evolving needs. Additionally, the servers come with end-to-end supply chain assurance and intelligence. They also help in mapping and managing multiple workloads, and offer enhanced security and cyber-resilient architecture, throughout their lifecycle, from manufacturing, deployment and beyond.

What are the USPs of the next-gen PowerEdge servers?

They are designed to draw the path toward an autonomous infrastructure and offer greater IT efficiency to businesses. These servers empower systems to work together as well as independently so that organizations can develop connected experiences across their systems. They come with industry-first innovative technologies which help businesses to innovate, adapt and grow. The unique feature is that the customers can address evolving compute demand with a platform engineered to optimize the latest technology advances across processor, memory, networking and storage to deliver predictable and profitable outcomes. It is an autonomous compute infrastructure as customers can rapidly respond to business opportunities with intelligent systems that work together and independently, delivering to the parameters they set, enabling rapid digital transformation, and maximizing productivity. Moreover, businesses can embed trust into their digital transformation journey with infrastructure designed for secure interactions and the capability to anticipate potential threats. The security offerings are holistic in nature and cover the IT architect from the edge to the core to the cloud.

What role Dell Technologies plays in the global server industry?

The pandemic has led to multiple unforeseen changes in the field of technology, one of which is the accelerated pace of digital transformation. It not only changed the way businesses used to function, but at the same time, has escalated the growth of data being generated. This transformation came in faster than anticipated, forcing businesses to adopt future-ready IT infrastructures. With the increased focus on digital technologies to perform day-to-day tasks, the pressure on servers to handle the influx of data rose at an exponential rate. Those organisations which had a proper server architecture to handle this influx were able to sail smoothly through such difficulties.

We, at Dell Technologies, understand such industry changes and have always been at the forefront of server innovations that help customers meet the changing business needs and develop a workplace for the future. We have assessed and analysed multiple situations to introduce the concept of automation into our server infrastructures that allows self-healing, by leveraging technologies like AI and ML. The technology innovations help customers tide over the barriers which derail them from their growth path. Our server solutions also help organizations meet the challenges of the digital world with a secure infrastructure that supports a full range of modern workloads and objectives. Paired with new-age technologies, they deliver the productivity and performance organizations need to power innovation. As an industry visionary in the IT solutions space, we are monitoring all the challenges and roadblocks in today’s new business environment and accordingly come up with industry-leading solutions, to support our customers and prepare them for the future.

How has the market dynamics changed for servers in India in the recent times?

The current times have changed the market dynamics like never before. Businesses in India realized that digital transformation is the way ahead and that there is a dire need to build modern data centres of the future by adopting new-age technologies and deploying powerful servers. So, they are rapidly deploying new-age AI/ML and cloud solutions, generating a humongous amount of data, a contributing factor to the rapid growth of data centres in India. In fact, the Indian data centre market is estimated to grow at a CAGR close to 12% from 2020-2026. To sum it up, business leaders today are focusing on making their businesses secure and are continuously adopting new-age solutions to process their data in real-time and derive actionable insight. This is helping them get an edge in this competitive environment.

What are your strategies for the partners?

Partners are extremely important for us and we at Dell Technologies have always been focused on the growth and development of our partners. In fact, we have been constantly engaging with them to understand their challenges and needs, to help them navigate through these difficult times. We are committed to ensuring that there is no disruption in our partner’s ability to serve the customers, societies and employees, and at the same time, to continue with their transformation journey without any disruptions.

Additionally, to help them maintain their business continuity, we’ve rolled out a Financial Relief Package. Through this initiative, we are taking actions to provide immediate financial relief to metalled partners, while helping them build capabilities and pipelines for the future. We are also supporting our partners through the Working Capital Solutions (WCS) program along with new team-based pricing. Our partners play a key role for us in reaching out to the customers and helping them address their rising IT needs, while also showcasing the benefits and cost-effectiveness of our products. Hence, we try to offer them the best possible support in terms of training and compensation to enhance and accelerate their skills and growth trajectory. We also have regular partner programs in place that help our partners to understand our offerings better and achieve excellence in terms of customer management.

Brief us about Dell’s other innovations and roadmap for future?

The current situation has made businesses across segments realize that dated strategies and traditional approaches aren’t going to help them sustain momentum in the long-term. Hence, we are witnessing an accelerated pace of digitalization and uptake of technology innovation.

Innovation forms the core of all our decision-making. Hence, we are concentrating on offering our customers efficient and industry-leading solutions that will help them meet the ever evolving demands. We understand the current industry dynamics and o the basis of it, offer customised technology solutions to our customers to assist them in their day-to-day business offerings. Our R&D facility in Bangalore plays a critical role by contributing largely to the overall product development for storage, data protection, and server system management. The centre has been an innovation hub for Dell Technologies, not only in India, but globally, for many years now, and is committed to understand the evolving needs of our customers, and to help them in their transformation journeys.

So I am confident when I say that Dell Technologies is aligned with the changing technology landscape and all our products are developed keeping in mind the future trends and customers’ expectations. Dell provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era.

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