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CMDA Conducts its Silver Jubilee (25th) Edition of CMDA Expo on May 26-27, 2023

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CMDA (Computer Media Dealers Association) is a leading Pune (Maharashtra) based IT association with a large membership of IT dealers, distributors, retailers, etc from the Maharashtra and the nearby regions. Every year, CMDA conducts IT expo in which a host of vendors and distributors display their latest products, solutions innovations. The expo helps the exhibitors and visitors to explore new business opportunities and expand their businesses. This year is the Silver Jubilee (25th year) of the CMDA expo. In an interaction with NCN, Mr. Chintamani Kuber, Vice President & IT Expo Convener, CMDA; Mr. Ravikumar Shetty, Secretary, CMDA; and Mr. Mujaffar Inamdar, President, CMDA, share their views and expectations about this year’s milestone expo.

What will be the focus of the CMDA Expo 2023?

Mr. Chintamani Kuber, Vice President & IT Expo Convener, CMDA

Mr. Chintamani Kuber , Vice President & IT Expo Convener,  CMDA, “Technology is at its best today, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) & internet of things (IOT) which have redefined the perspective of IT industry. In the coming times, all the devices are bound to get connected and monitored from everywhere through AI. Consumers, businesses and offices are today overwhelmingly impacted by these developments. There will be latest AI solutions on display at the expo.”

How many exhibitors, stalls and visitors are you expecting this year?

Mr. Chintamani Kuber, “All the 70 stalls at the expo have already been booked and we are expecting a visitor footfall of around 2500 from SMBs, SMEs, corporates, govt, education, pharma, BFSI, media, pharma, manufacturing, IT trading, etc from across Maharashtra and the nearby areas. Registrations have already started with excellent response.”

How the CMDA expo has been beneficial to your exhibitors and CMDA members?

Mr. Chintamani Kuber, “CMDA has been organizing this expo for the past 24 years. This year’s expo is the Silver Jubilee (i.e. 25th Year) edition. All these years, the expos have helped CMDA members to develop their businesses by expanding their customer bases and reach. The expos gave members to witness the latest technologies & innovative products displayed by vendors.

How do you position CMDA at present and how do you want to take it to the next level?

Mr. Ravikumar Shetty, Secretary, CMDA

Mr. Ravikumar Shetty, Secretary, CMDA, “CMDA is a leading and the only ISO certified IT association in India in its segment. We are consistently working for the betterment of our members. We constantly help our members to explore new business possibilities all over India.”

What special programs are you planning as part of this year’s expo?

Mr. Mujaffar Inamdar, President, CMDA

Mr. Mujaffar Inamdar, President, CMDA, “As part of the expo, we have knowledge sharing seminars for the visitors and exhibitors; lucky draw sessions where the participants can win innovative gadgets; the award-winning startups will be displaying their products; and more.”

How is your expo better than similar expos conducted in Pune?

Mr. Mujaffar Inamdar, “We are the only IT Association which has been arranging this kind of yearly expos in Pune for over two decades. We constantly encourage the customers to buy from the CMDA members and CMDA assures best services to those customers.”

What are your future plans?

Mr. Mujaffar Inamdar, “Our aim is to help all the members and exhibitors to achieve common goals of business expansion and success and provide the maximum possible business opportunities for our members and partners.”


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