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Canon to Drive Office Automation and Digitization in BFSI, Healthcare and other Segments Offering Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Canon India Pvt Ltd is the sales and marketing subsidiary of Canon Inc., a world leader in imaging technologies. Having started its operations in 1997, Canon India markets a comprehensive range of sophisticated contemporary digital imaging products and solutions in India. The company today has offices in 10 cities across India with merchandise warehousing facilities at 4 locations and employs over 1000 staff and over 850 channel partners. Canon India enjoys a vast retail presence across the country through Canon Image Square (CIS) stores, PIXMA Zones, and BIS Lounges. Canon India’s service reach extends to over 632 towns covering 19,118 PIN codes across India – which comprises of 349 Camera collection points, 15 Camera repair centers, 322 Printer repair centers, 184 Copier, Scanner and 129 Large Format Printer Sales & Service dealers. (Data as of August 2023) In sync with its corporate tagline- ‘Delighting You Always,’ reinforced by World-class technology, Canon offers an extended product portfolio, including Digital Production Printers, Large Format Printers, Commercial Printers, Multi-Functional Devices, Managed Document Services, Inkjet & Laser Printers, Document and Cheque Scanners, Digital Cameras, DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras, Cinematic Imaging Products, Surveillance cameras and Medical Imaging products catering to the multiple market segments of consumer, SME, B2B, Commercial, Government & PSUs.

Mr. C Sukumaran, Director- Product & Communication, Canon India
Mr. C Sukumaran, Senior Director- Product & Communication, Canon India

In an interaction with NCN Magazine, Mr. C Sukumaran, Senior Director- Product & Communication, Canon India, shares their company’s plans and vision.  

How Canon is a one-stop solution provider for all office automation needs?

In recent years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the workflows of organizations with rapid technological advancements, making it imperative for the adoption of office automation. As one of the leading players in the enterprise segment in India, we have built a legacy of empowering businesses in their pursuit of digital transformation. Through our comprehensive range of office automation solutions, spanning from multi-function devices, scanners to document management and cybersecurity solutions, we enable our customers to achieve operational efficiency, reduce manual labor, and simplify daily tasks, resulting in maximum productivity in an office environment.

We have had an exceptional performance this year as well, as we strengthened our market presence in the country. With double digit growth year on year, we have been able to capture a major chunk of the market share along with gaining customer appreciation. Our consistent industry leadership in the overall Laser Copier market serves as a testimony of our continuous efforts to create innovative products and delivering quality services to our customers.

Explain the methods in which Canon is fuelling digital transformation across sectors like BFSI, Healthcare, etc.

Canon over the years has played a significant role in enabling businesses to rapidly adopt digitization. This has been particularly evident for the healthcare industry, providing them with the much-needed support to ease their daily manual operations so that they can focus on the critical tasks at hand. For instance, with office automation, maintenance of health records, medication, inventory, hospital admissions and filing of insurance claims are manual tasks of the past. With the government emphasizing on the importance of maintaining digital health records, automation plays a crucial role in taking healthcare services to the next level.

Similarly, BFSI industry has been the most impacted industry by the Covid-19 pandemic, as it forced financial organizations to incorporate digitization and digital workflows into their processes. Hence, the sector witnessed a large influx of demand for office automation solutions during the pandemic. As the banks have digitalized their processes from account opening and KYC to banking transactions including fixed deposits, document management systems have become crucial for necessary documentation and compliance.

Our outstanding Document Management System (DMS) solution has supported this industry-wide push for digitization as a well-equipped system that provides enhanced efficiency and productivity through quick access and management of documents, centralized storage of data and organization of various documents. It has also amplified data security by incorporating robust measures to protect sensitive information in the healthcare and BFSI industry.

What would be the core focus for the BIS segment?

With digital transformation sweeping across industries in India, there is a tectonic shift towards automation, driven by the imperatives to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market landscape. Embracing advanced technologies isn’t just an option; it’s becoming a strategic necessity to ensure operational productivity and enhance customer experiences. At Canon, our focus has always been to meet the evolving customer expectations and transformations in the business landscape across sectors like healthcare, BFSI, manufacturing, corporates, SMEs among others. By diversifying our range of offerings with the addition of new products and solutions that meet these needs, we aim to be a one-stop solution for all office automation requirements for our customers. 

Seeing the positive impact of cloud on the office automation sector, our core focus for the year has been to promote our cloud-based solutions including ‘Therefore, Uniflow, and Kofax.’ Further, we are also geared towards business growth in the colour segment while retaining our market leadership in the country.

Elaborate on your focus on the secure & modern solutions to boost automation in the BFSI sector?

The BFSI Sector is one of the most important industry verticals for us. With efficient digitization and secure document management as the key demands of this sector, we provide the same through our range of high-speed document scanners which support fast processing of KYC documents, CTS compliant cheque scanners with UV sensors for fraud detection and a wide range of MFDs. Apart from this, we also provide on-premise and cloud document management systems for end-to-end document and workflow management.

For instance, the CR-190i II / CR-190iUV II, a high-speed digital cheque scanner offers superb MICR OCR capabilities in a sleek exterior. It reads the MICR line with remarkable precision while reading the data simultaneously with OCR software. Document scanner like the imageFORMULA DR-S150 offers users an intuitive scanning experience with a compact and easy-to-operate scanner supported with versatile connectivity and a 109.22-mm LCD touch panel. Our document management solutions, including IRISPowerscan, Therefore, Kofax and UniFLOW Secure Print enable organizations to efficiently streamline their document management process and avail complete document confidentiality through secure print authentication. Moreover, our Multifunction Devices lineup delivers robust security along with multiple user-friendly and sustainable features, ensuring convenience and productivity.

These products serve as the backbone for driving efficiency, security, and productivity in BFSI operations and can optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data.

What is the Importance of adapting to the changing digital landscape with cloud-based solutions from Canon India?

Canon understands the importance of adapting to the digital landscape and is committed to helping businesses succeed in this new paradigm. We have a long-standing reputation for helping businesses of all sizes achieve these objectives by introducing innovative technologies that simplify repetitive daily tasks, resulting in improved convenience, efficiency, and productivity across industries. A cloud-based document management solution harnesses the potential of digitization, elevates security measures, and drives operational excellence to meet business needs, often with greater operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Simply put, businesses can access storage, applications, services, and other business tools online instead of purchasing and managing all necessary functions in-house.

Today, organizations must do more than capture and convert paper into PDF. They need to lower costs, automate workflows, reduce the eco-footprint, and improve security and regulatory compliance. That’s where our solutions come into play, automating traditional paper-to-digital workflows and putting information from paper documents into systems that run the business.

Tell us more about the collaboration with ESET and your foray into the Cybersecurity domain.

As more and more businesses digitalize and adopt hybrid working, the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches has become a significant concern. Cybercriminals constantly refine their tactics, making it difficult for companies to keep up with the latest threats. Understanding the market landscape and our customer requirements, Canon India and ESET have formed a strategic partnership to offer a range of solutions, one of which is the ESET PROTECT platform. It provides robust protection against various cyber threats, including targeted attacks, ransomware, zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats, and phishing attacks. It is a versatile solution that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, aligning with Canon India’s goal of facilitating digital transformation through office automation products.

Through the collaboration between ESET’s cybersecurity expertise and Canon India’s extensive sales network, organizations of all sizes across the country can now gain easy access to enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions, as well as excellent customer support and enablement. Moreover, with this addition to our portfolio, we offer customers a complete range of printing, digitization and security solutions.

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