Friday, October 7, 2022

Biostar X670E VALKYRIE 5.0 Valkyrie is ideal for gamers

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Biostar has enriched its competence in the design and manufacture of products such as add-on cards, multi-media and system products to develop the market and meet the demands of customers for more integrated solutions.

Biostar X670E VALKYRIE 5.0 Valkyrie motherboard seems to sit near the middle of the X670E models that have been announced so far, although it’s a little bit hard to tell, as the company only provided partial specs.

  • Supports Ryzen 7000 series processors (AM5)- As this is an AMD X670E based board, the PCIe x16 slot is using PCIe 5.0, although it’s multiplexed with the second x16 slot, which means if both slots are used, the bandwidth drops down to eight lanes per slot.
  • AMD X670 Chip Architecture– The board layout doesn’t suggest any PCIe 5.0 M.2 slots, but as this is mandatory on X670E board, we have to presume that the M.2 slot right below the x16 PCIe slot, is the PCIe 5.0 one.
  • Supports DDR5 Memory– Biostar also provided figures for the memory clock speed, as the company listed support for up to four sticks of DDR5 memory at 5600 MHz plus.
  • 6 SATA3, 2 M.2 (PCIe Gen5 x4), 2 M.2 (PCIe Gen4 x4)- the memory slot is DDR5-5600 x 4, the storage is M.2 x 4, SATA3.0 (6Gbps) x6, and the expansion slot is PCI-Express5.0 (x16) x2, PCI-Express4.0 (x16) x1.
  • Intel® I225V 2.5G Ethernet LAN Chip– Intel officially only supports 4800 MHz DDR5 memory, but speeds in excess of 6000 MHz doesn’t appear to be an issue with the right motherboard and CPU combination.
  • Supports SMART BIOS UPDATE button & SMART BIOS UPDATE USB port– The board also has a debug LED and a few buttons and switches for resetting the CMOS, and powering the board on

We feel that Biostar X670E VALKYRIE 5.0 motherboard is a high-end gaming motherboard from the BIOSTAR “VALKYRIE” series, with the form type ATX, the socket AM5, and the chipset AMD X670 rather than AMD X670E and is ideal buy for gamers.

The board has a further three M.2 slots, as well as what appears to be an empty M.2 E-keyed slot for a WiFi/Bluetooth module.


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