Sunday, December 4, 2022

BenQ plans to launch gaming monitors with OLED panels with superior viewing angles, increased contrast and higher brightness levels

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BenQ includes a delightful broad portfolio of people-driven products and embedded technologies spanning digital projectors, monitors, interactive large-format displays, digital cameras and camcorders, mobile computing devices, and lighting solutions.

During an exclusive interaction with NCN Magazine, Mr. Rajeev Singh, MD, BenQ India talks about the scope and opportunities of gaming segment and the innovations that they are likely to come up with.

What is the scope for gaming monitors in the Indian market at present?

The gaming market is currently growing at a rapid pace that can be segmented between mobile gaming, PC gaming and console gaming. However, in recent times, we have seen that this growth is mainly driven by the PC segment due to the rapid adoption of online gaming. When compared to other countries in the Southeast Asia region, gaming is a relatively nascent industry. We see a lot of potential when it comes to the adoption of gaming monitors and display technologies in the Indian context. Gaming enthusiasts used to frequent gaming cafes but the onset of the pandemic had led people being locked down at home. They had more time at hand to play games and this fuelled demand in a big way. This ultimately led to better displays being demanded in monitors. To target this growing demand from gaming enthusiasts in India, brands need to constantly innovate and evolve with their offerings. We at BenQ match up with the technological developments since the rise of digital engagement nudges the consumer behaviour towards advanced technology. Be it refresh rates, response times or resolutions of our display, we are constantly innovating to provide the perfect fit depending on the type of the gamer. We also focus on ergonomic benefits such as height adjustment for back pain relief and eye strain, which is virtually guaranteed if you stare at a screen for lengthy period of time. The brand should provide all requirements that buyers are looking out for before choosing the right monitor and this enhances the strong demand for the gaming monitors in the Indian market.

What different types of gaming monitors do you have in your portfolio? What are the USPs of your gaming monitors compared to your competitors?

Our gaming monitors are segmented between two product ranges, Mobiuz and Zowie which are brands of BenQ. The Mobiuz product line is meant for immersive gaming, with IPS and VA panels and include both flat as well as curved screens. The refresh rates of Mobiuz monitors start at 144 Hz and this goes up to 240 Hz. The display resolutions vary from Full HD to 4K. This line-up is also compatible with next gen consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S and support upto 4k gaming at 120hz refresh rate. The Zowie product line is meant for competitive gameplay and is used predominantly by Esports athletes. They feature ultra fast gaming grade TN panels and boast of high refresh rates upto 360hz and low response times of upto 0.5 ms. In fact, we are recently launching a new model, XL2566K, which is the world’s first 360hz refresh rate monitor with an ultra fast TN panel. The USP of this product is that the use of TN panels enable the gamer to experience ultra fast responses with no screen tearing or ghosting. 

What are the latest technologies and what new innovations are expected in the future in the gaming monitors space?

Gamers are becoming more competitive with each passing day and thus need to be empowered with the best of technology in order for them to secure their victory. Refresh rates are increasing and response times are decreasing. We have been cognizant of this need and delivered on this by launching our new hero model of the Zowie lineup, XL2566K, which features an ultra fast 360hz refresh rate. However we realize that gamers of the future will require different setups compared to what is currently in fashion. We are working towards launching gaming monitors with OLED panels that will feature superior viewing angles, increased contrast and higher brightness levels. Gamers will be treated to more vivid images that will take immerse them completely in the gameplay.

What role do monitors play in enhancing the gaming efficiency and experience?

Screen experience is absolutely critical when it comes to any form of virtual gaming with the main reason being good and improved graphics – gaming is a lot about visual effects and immersive experience that makes the player feel like he’s right inside the game. Monitors have various displays such as twisted neumatic (TN), in-plane switching (IPS) and vertical alignment (VA). In a nutshell, gamers consider IPS panels when they require better colours and a higher contrast ratio, while TN panels are sought by gamers who require extremely fast refresh rates and low response times. When it comes to gaming, it is important to decide on a monitor that fits your goals.  The quality of a monitor and its value depends on the use and its utilities. A competitive gamer playing first person shooter games wouldn’t be able to appreciate a monitor that has a 4k resolution but can run only up to 60Hz. This is because they won’t be able to provide more frames which are essential for quick reaction times and fast page image rendering

As a brand, how do you position yourself in the gaming monitors market?

BenQ as a brand has globally had more than 10 years of experience in the gaming monitor segment. We had closely interacted with professional gamers to determine what demands they had when it came to gaming monitors. We are the original innovators of gaming monitors and have accumulated a vast know-how of what are the latent needs and desires of professional Esports players. Zowie monitors which is a brand by BenQ is the number one monitor of choice for professional gamers not just in India but across the globe. In fact, it has also been widely used in many tournaments, most notably it was the official monitor of PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021. Mobiuz monitors are widely used for immersive gameplay and gamers who prefer AAA  titles. Our recent launches in the Mobiuz range such as the EX3210U are compatible with the PS5, making it convenient for console gameplay as well. Overall, we provide a well differentiated offering for every type of gamer and type of gameplay.

How do you see the future of the gaming market in India? What role monitor is expected to play in the gaming space?

The gaming market in India is in its budding stages when compared to other developing countries in the region. With around 420 million active online gamers and a 500-million-strong digitally native population aged between 15-35 India, India is set become a hub of gaming . The next phase of growth for gaming in India will spearheaded by the accelerating adoption of 5G and cloud gaming which will enhance team gameplay. The future is surely bright for the gaming business.

The monitor is the primary vehicle for delivering the ultimate gaming experience to any gamer. If your monitor is not upgraded to current standards, it does not matter how much you invest in your graphic cards or your computing system as can be seen in cases where screen tearing and stuttering occurs. Your monitor should be capable enough to provide sharp details and vivid pictures in order for the user to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay. It truly is at the heart of the gaming experience for the user.

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