Thursday, December 8, 2022

Beetel offers the 360˚ecosystem and plans to make inroads into Tier 2 & 3 cities

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Ms. Sapna Gupta, Vice President, Beetel Teletech Limited, during an interaction with NCN Magazine talks about the changing trends, the opportunities in the distribution business and the future road ahead. Beetel is a leading distribution and manufacturing company in India offering a wide range of products, starting from mobile devices, mobile accessories, IT peripherals, enterprise solutions and network solutions, to fixed landlines. Channel strategy is the key business at Beetel and the brand has experts in network and enterprise solutions with a vast network of channel partners.

Brief us about the various verticals that you operate in?  

Founded in the year 1987, Beetel is one of the most reputed brand names in the industry, a pioneer in the landline phone category. Beetel is focused on manufacturing as well as distributing a huge range of products in the form of mobile devices, mobile accessories, IT peripherals, enterprise solutions and network solutions, as well as fixed landlines. Beetel distributes a host of iconic brands like Avaya, Polycom, Samsung, Huawei, Siemens Digital Industries Software, QSC, RADWIN, Ruckus, RAD, and Actelis. Beetel is known for its innovative product solutions and latest technology, which are offered to customers at the most prudent prices. In India, Beetel is spread via 10,000 retailers and 500 distributors. Beetel also extends Technical Services (Pre & Post Sales, Installations, Cloud, AMC, etc.) helping with designing Solutions to getting them ready followed by System Configurations & Programming, Beetel covers the entire spectrum of services. Overseas, Beetel’s services are extended to over 35 countries spread across five continents in the world. The company till date has manufactured over 100 million landline phones, a household Indian brand needing no introduction.

What are the changing trends that you see in the distribution business during the pandemic?

The distribution business has seen a lot of changes during the pandemic. Some of the trends that we have seen in the distribution business in the last 2 years are the increase in the demand increase in work from home and hybrid working. There has been a significant rise in the demand for cloud solutions, subscription business model, video conferencing, headsets, etc has ramped up. The distributors are struggling to run warehouses and make deliveries to their customers in a set period of time. There has been an increase in online transactions as from customers in the past 2 years and the whole experience of buying and selling products has changed. Distributors are now building their own websites and working on enhancing their e-commerce options for their consumer business to ensure the experience for their customers is more customer-driven rather than process-driven.

WFH is a huge opportunity in the enterprise business. What is your take on this? 

After 3 waves of COVID-19, and multiple lockdowns, the hybrid model of working has gained a lot of traction and the lines between virtual and physical meetings and work environment has blurred. This has become the new normal for all organizations. With this, the cybersecurity issue and concerns on working on collaboration tools have also risen. The demand and adoption of our advanced technological solutions offering voice and visibility and network security have increased considerably.

Online meetings have become an important aspect of companies’ collaboration strategies. The VC software/ solutions are gradually transitioning as one of the core enterprise productivity tools. We see this trend to continue in the near future and we want to tap on the possibilities to gauge maximum benefit out of it.

What are the various new technologies/ solutions that Beetel has incorporated?

Just recently, Beetel has joined the Siemens Digital Industries Software Solution as an authorized distributor, enabling it to distribute Siemens’ range of CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM software and low code application development platform. It is now possible for our customers to use the same industry-leading technology that top manufacturing companies throughout the world depend on every day. The end-to-end digital innovation platform from Siemens Digital Industries Software will enable our customers to realize innovation, optimize manufacturing performance and drive efficiencies across industries focusing on Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical FMCG and Infra Industries. We enable our partners to develop enterprise grade software applications by providing Mendix platform. We are constantly scouting new opportunities along with partners. Given the market trend and needs, we are seeking software and cloud-oriented brands to partner with us.

Explain the strategies involved in channel partners?

Our focus is to build trust amongst the existing channel partners and expand our current partner network. As our channel partners play a very significant role in the go-to-market strategy, we plan to expand vertically and horizontally to meet the needs of our partners and customers. We always seek to grow and increase our offerings, enabling our partners with the latest skillset on the new offerings and helping them address the change in the customer requirements constantly because we believe in equal growth opportunities for everyone connected with us.

What makes Beetel different from others?

Beetel enjoys a unique position in the Indian market, owing to the 360˚ecosystem that covers manufacturing, last-mile distribution with logistics, and supply chain. A strong distribution network with the help of which Beetel distributes consumers electronics, telecommunications, and digital lifestyle products pan India. And an omnichannel approach with 1000+ system integrators and 500 resellers. From helping with designing solutions, BOQs, and cost estimations to getting the solution ready followed by system configurations and programming, Beetel covers the entire spectrum of services for its customer globally.

Take us through your future plans in terms of new technological innovations, geographical reach, etc.? 

Beetel Teletech Limited currently operates in PAN-India and also extends it services to International Markets. Our business has a strong presence and huge demand in SAARC countries. In a JV with Dixon, we have a dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hambran, Ludhiana where we have been innovating and spreading our production expertise. We also have a robust presence of numerous warehouses spread across the country to be able to India to ensure that we are constantly increasing our footprint when it comes to serviceable areas. We hope to make inroads in more Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as we expand our business. 

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