Friday, December 9, 2022

ASUS Launches Four New AMD B650 Motherboard Families

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A wide range of boards are powered by the AMD AM5 B650E/B650 platform, featuring PCIe 5.0 slots, DDR5 support, high-speed USB connectivity, ASUS Q-Design and more


  • Next-gen features: Supporting DDR5 memory modules and PCIe 5.0 devices, all B650 motherboards deliver improved bandwidth capabilities and connectivity
  • Overclocking-ready: Enhanced AMD PBO, Dynamic OC Switcher and Core Flex technology enable maximum performance for all games and workloads
  • ASUS Q-Design: User-friendly design features make it easy to install, troubleshoot and upgrade graphics cards, M.2 drives and memory modules

ASUS announced an extensive new lineup of AMD B650 and 650E motherboards, designed to offer a tremendous value to anyone assembling a next-gen machine. Below is information about the B650 motherboard families that ASUS now offers, with details to help users find the model that best fits their needs and budget.

For those shopping for a gaming-first motherboard that delivers exceptional performance while exuding confident style, look no further than the ROG Strix lineup. From the flagship ROG Strix B650E-E Gaming WiFi to the compact-yet-mighty ROG Strix B650E-I Gaming WiFi, these boards bring high-end features and sizzling good looks. For a straightforward gaming board that delivers essential features in a no-frills design, check out the TUF Gaming family. Available in either ATX or micro-ATX form factors, these products deliver everything users need for a reliable gaming build.

Gamers are not the only people out there looking at everything that the new AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors have to offer. For creative professionals—or for anyone who aspires to take their talents in CGI, filmmaking, engineering or design to the next level—the ProArt B650-Creator offers great connectivity and sophisticated style. There is also a wide range of ASUS Prime motherboards that offer everything users need to build a solid PC with excellent features and performance.

Raised to the power of five: ASUS B650E and B650 motherboards bring a wealth of next-gen features. One of the most prominent changes this new platform brings to the table is a land grid array (LGA) CPU socket, AMD Socket AM5. Unlike previous AMD desktop platforms, the pins are now on the motherboard, making any accidental bending or damage to the pins less likely when installing a CPU. Socket AM5 supports up to a 170-watt TDP, enabling exceptional compute performance for high-core-count CPUs in heavy workloads.

But it is not just the CPU socket that received a next-gen upgrade. B650E and B650 motherboards support the latest DDR5 RAM. With data rates 50% faster than previous-generation DDR4 memory, DDR5 unleashes a new tier of performance, and ASUS motherboards offer a host of hardware and firmware optimizations that enable users to overclock[i] capable kits to the absolute limit.

B650E and B650 motherboards also boast PCIe 5.0 connectivity. Every option in the ASUS lineup includes at least one onboard PCIe 5.0 M.2 slot ready for the fastest storage drives on the market. To prep a PC to take full advantage of next-gen PCIe 5.0 graphics cards, pick up an ASUS B650E motherboard. These higher-end models boast at least one PCIe 5.0 x16 slot. And with double the link speeds of PCIe 4.0, the new standard provides the bandwidth to deck out ASUS B650E and B650 motherboards with a comprehensive selection of high-speed ports. Every ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, and ProArt B650 motherboard offers an onboard high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C port.

Go big on performance and style with ROG Strix: The ROG Strix line takes the high-end ROG DNA and distills it into gaming-first motherboards that are ready for all types of builds, from fully decked-out ATX gaming rigs to compact Mini-ITX machines. Whichever ROG Strix board one chooses, one will find high-end circuitry, convenient design elements, and features built to boost gaming experience. Integrated I/O shields ease the installation process and look gorgeous behind a case’s side window. High-end VRMs stand ready to drive the AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors, while Intel-powered 2.5 Gb Ethernet and WiFi 6E offer cutting-edge networking. And industry-leading ASUS gaming audio immerses users like never before with an ALC4080 codec and a Savitech SV3H712 amplifier.

For those interested in tuning and tweaking their new AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processor for maximum performance, the ROG Strix models are best equipped for overclocking, out of all of the ASUS B650E and B650 motherboards. A quick trip into the UEFI BIOS is all it takes to boost light-load clocks through AMD Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) — a move that enhances overall system responsiveness for most builders. For more manual control over CPU performance, ASUS primed the ROG Strix B650E-E Gaming WiFi and ROG Strix B650E-I Gaming WiFi to satisfy the thirst for pushing a processor to its limits. Both offer particularly robust power solutions and access to the Dynamic OC Switcher and Core Flex tools.

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