Thursday, September 29, 2022

AIOps – Pragmatic Component in Future IT

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Today, the concept of apps has emerged as a means of interaction in the digital era. Since this emergence has grown exponentially, there are many apps which a customer is exposed to, often serving as the only way a customer communicates.

With the adoption of working from home culture, enterprise instituted work-from-home (WFH) policies shifted information security focus from enterprise infrastructure to cloud and virtualized infrastructure. For instance, according to IBM Security report 2020, about 54% of the organizations mentioned that they require remote working in response to Covid-19

To prevent the monitoring and managing apps in isolated silos, AIOPS has been introduced where creating enterprise architectures to serve and create unified visibility into the app is the new reality.

AIOps or artificial intelligence for IT operations is a term first coined by Gartner. It is the application of advanced analytics—in the form of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), towards automating operations.

AIOps is the application of machine learning and data science to enhance and partially replace primary IT functions like availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, IT service management and automation.

According to Research & Markets, the global markets for AIOps platform will rise to USD 20.1 billion in 2027. 

Global Market for AIOPS Platform

Its solutions help in equipping IT operations and other teams to improve key processes, tasks, and decision-making through improved analysis of the volumes and categories of data coming its way. The adoption of these tools automates the fast ingestion of volumes of data. Machine learning is used to analyse the data and present findings that either predict or alert to issues. This newfound knowledge can then be used for automation or decision-making. 

AIOps leverages a broad set of technology approaches, including machine learning, network science, combinatorial optimization and other computational approaches for solving everyday IT operational problems at scale.

Over time, traditional IT management strategies failed to sustain the scope and volume of innovation. As a result, businesses began to realize the enormous potential in AI and began spending heavily on it. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, abbreviated as AIOps, was created out of this pressing need to assist significant digital business change.

AIOps help in fast data processing data fast as it givesthe ability to enable real-time data correlation, and even better. Raw data can be ingested into smart algorithms powered by machine learning and big data. This can help derive new insights and data ingestion and analysis can then help to create and set new targets for key metrics. 

It also helps in data-driven decision making as AIOps brings key ML techniques to IT operations, including pattern matching, predictive analysis, historical data analysis, and causal analysis. This helps with decision making by enabling purely data-driven, automated responses. Such automated responses to incidents eliminate human error and data noise. 

It’s been predicted that the adoption of AIOps and digital experience monitoring solutions by significant enterprises to monitor apps and infrastructure will increase from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023. AIOps is becoming more popular among businesses, who view it as a pragmatic and required component of a portfolio of next-generation IT solutions.

According to an AIOps Exchange survey, 45% of businesses utilize AIOps to improve root cause investigation and forecast future problems. The early stages of AIOps adoption focus on automating routine or trivial activities, such as sifting through warnings generated by infrastructure monitoring systems. The primary components for enhancing IT operations through tracking and automation are enhanced machine learning and analytics.

The current IT business environment is extremely fast-paced, and humans alone cannot keep up. AIOps aids in the reduction of effort and smoothing of business processes by optimizing IT processes. The future of AIOps is bright; as technology gets more human, it will unlock a wealth of hitherto untapped data and significantly reduce business expenses. The sooner you begin to utilize this technology, the better it is for the future of your business and its IT operations. 

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