“ Women have a knack of performing multiple tasks both at home...

“ Women have a knack of performing multiple tasks both at home and at their work place making them good at multi-tasking and skilled at handling pressure”

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A woman can occupy any post of its highest kind in the corporate. The enthusiasm that a woman executive exuberates is infectious and induces positive vibes in the organization. In an interaction with Ms. Rupa Roy, Head of Marketing APAC, McAfee, reveals some interesting facts.

How women at managerial posts are viewed by your organisation?

Women all around the world have been observed to make significant contributions in every walk of life. Technology was once seen as a field dominated by men, but nowadays it’s remarkable to see women equally making their presence felt especially at managerial posts. McAfee as a company is built on high values and we provide equal opportunity for both the genders. We have been successful in moving the needle to ensure a good proportion of exceptional women at every level.

We have had women employees shape winning strategies, build capabilities and drive successful campaigns. Women including me have been given incredible opportunities at McAfee to grow in our respective fields. The organization also recognizes contributions by providing them with ‘Women to Watch’ awards. Today, the business scenario is outgoing and we have been providing chances to our ambitious women colleagues.

How do you see your ‘role sets’ evolving in the IT world?

With advancements in technology and a lot of integration in today’s world, marketing has become one of the main aspects for any organization. It is vital that the marketing team is involved in all strategic decision making from the start and that data forms the backbone of decision making. Marketers are challenged by what they can do with data. Ninety per cent of the data that we utilize for activities, we don’t use today because we don’t know how to decipher it. That’s where we marketers need to start focusing.

Today, more and more organizations are accessing customers’ data and the risk of a cyberattack is more prevalent. Considering this dynamic, where breaches are becoming front page headlines more often than not, CMOs and their employers may potentially be missing a powerful brand and business-building opportunity: Leveraging online security measures as a way to build trust with customers.

How a woman can execute challenging tasks, and can bring desired results in corporate world?

The same way a man would execute a challenging task and bring in desired result. Irrespective of their gender, an employee will face challenging situations in the organization at multiple junctures in order to move up the ladder. Having said that, I also believe that women have a knack of performing multiple tasks both at home and at their work place making them good at multi-tasking and skilled at handling pressure. According to a McKinsey study ‘Women Matter 2017’, women through their leadership behaviors, help to improve companies’ organizational performance by reinforcing five of the dimensions which are vision, motivation, accountability, and most particularly leadership, work environment, and values. They also tend to bring different perspectives drawing inspiration from their real life. These are qualities which organizations appreciate when it comes to choosing employees for management and strategic job positions.

Do you think, a woman at decision-making position can understand the channel issues more sensitively?

As women are known to be more empathic in nature and can relate to pain points, they can overcome them with ease through their strategic solutions and techniques. With a right attitude the channel issues can be handled effectively for smooth functioning of the organization. One must learn to collaborate effectively and make decisions which are best for the organization’s success.

What type of challenges are you facing in corporate business?

Challenges will always come our way, but it’s up to us how we perceive those challenges as opportunities to grow. As technology is fast moving, one of the challenges we marketers face is keeping up with the evolving metrics and trends. Being a marketing professional in a cybersecurity company, we do face challenges, which require a dedicated leadership skill set with attention to detail and thorough team participation.

Being a woman, how did you balance between your family, relationships and work?

We have seen a paradigm shift from the pre-conceived notion of a woman as a home maker to being recognized and even encouraged to pursue a career. Yet, the dual balanced act between the family, relationship and work yet prevails. McAfee as an organization understands the importance of work-life balance and provides benefits to women to overcome this situation. Time management is an effective skill that one needs to learn to get the best of both worlds. Working efficiently and being well-organized with my daily routine helps me manage and create balance in a better manner.

What are your future plans?

With digital becoming the mainstay of our personal and professional lives, cyber security has become the most critical aspect of this shift. Through our constant marketing efforts, we aim to educate more people about security threats. Developing further skills, I intend to contribute to the success and overall business growth of the organization. Further, we aim to build and establish ongoing relationships with global partners and successfully expand our business around the world.