“A woman’s journey into a corporate world is a tale of ambition,...

“A woman’s journey into a corporate world is a tale of ambition, determination, passion, sincerity and self-confidence”

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A woman can occupy any post of its highest kind in the corporate. The enthusiasm that a woman executive exuberates is infectious and induces positive vibes in the organization. In an interaction with Ms. Sunayana Hazarika, Manager- Marketing and Branding, ATEN INDIA reveals some interesting facts.

How women at managerial posts are viewed by your organization?

ATEN as an organization is built on the concept of equality within the workforce. This is attributed to the inclusive culture rooted in the establishment. Women employees are encourage representing high offices and moving up the career ladder. ATEN understands the benefits of having a balanced work environment where the equilibrium is derived from the inherent and acquired qualities of both the genders for better business outcome. The organization has ample up efforts to create an inclusive workspace and do away with the unconscious gender biases surrounding women’s ability to lead in the managerial posts.

How do you see your ‘role sets’ evolving in the IT world?

Marketing as a function has evolved dramatically over the decades and is one of the major driving forces for business growth in the IT world. You will agree that with technology dominating the way consumer perceives any product, it is very crucial for companies to market them through the right channel at the right time. Therefore Marketers are challenged with the demand for continuous learning of new skills and techniques for Omni channel marketing and adopting an analytics centric approach for focusing on outcomes. The role is evolving from being the front runner for driving business outcomes to AI powered 360 degree customer experience centric marketing that motivates the customers in their comfortable channel and predicts business outcomes.

How a woman can execute challenging tasks, and can bring desired results in corporate world?

Women in general I believe are masters in handling challenges, be it in their personal life or corporate world. Because being born a woman gives you a head start into obstacles right from a very young age, most of it owing to the societal norms of gender biases. A woman’s journey into a corporate world is a tale of ambition, determination, passion, sincerity and self-confidence that has been time tested by challenges and the eventual success of crushing these barriers. Executing challenging tasks is as much about the determination as it is about the specific working skill needed for the task and most women have it in them already. Also as women manage responsibilities both at home and work with equal importance, it makes them good at multitasking. The life skills are the game changer in executing challenging tasks and bringing desired results.

Do you think, a woman at decision-making position can understand the channel issues more sensitively?

These depend on how much the employee knows and understand the channel operations. It is imperative for a professional at a decision making position to have ground experience and exposure to the business function to truly understand the magnitude of the issues. A diversity in the work environment does bring in multiple perspectives to an issue for better decision making. But without a deep dive it is practically impossible to address it sensitively by anyone.

What type of challenges are you facing in corporate business?

Every profession comes with its set of distinctive challenges. Corporate business is not exception, it keep you on your toes. Time here is a crucial factor- deadlines and targets are real and so is skill upgrade and continuous improvement to stay ahead of the game. Strategic planning and prioritization is primary, and thanks to our foresighted leaders and support from the team, we have been successful in our past endeavors. Here everyone is motivated and strive towards achieving business goals.

Being a woman, how do you balance between your family, relationships and work?

Work is worship; Family is life and relationship fuels life, so the objective is to never compromise on one another and stress about it. The key to maintaining this balance is to making conscious decisions and prioritization based on the need of the hour. And to achieve this balance support from the family and team is very critical. I consider myself fortunate to have this support in both my personal and professional life.

What are your future plans?

Excel in my career and have my family and friends around me to celebrate my success.