TP-Link with 2 Decades of Global Presence Aims to Bring Latest Innovations...

TP-Link with 2 Decades of Global Presence Aims to Bring Latest Innovations and Technology to Indian Market

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TP-LINK is a leading provider of SOHO & SMB and WLAN networking products supplying to over 140 countries across the globe to millions of consumers worldwide. In an interaction with NCN, the team of TP-Link India shares their company’s present and future plans and strategies.

TP-Link with a global presence of 20 years, entered the Indian market 7 years ago with a commitment to drive India’s Internet revolution by providing the most efficient and affordable solutions to Indian consumers. TP-Link is a company fully committed to developing products, services and consumer relations through its own manufacturing, extensive R&D and strict Quality Assurance departments, supported by effective outreach initiatives and channel network. The brand wins customer loyalty by offering innovative and award-winning solutions to the market.

Lynn Wang Managing Director, TP-Link India

Lynn Wang Managing Director, TPLink India, clarifies, “TP-Link always aims to bring the latest innovations and technology to the customers of different segments in the Indian market. In the last few years, we did a lot of study of the Indian market and recently started expanding our operations into different verticals. Indian market is very big and important for us. Now we have set up several different business units in our organization: Networking, computer accessories, smart accessories, service provider, etc that operate simultaneously. Over time, we have learnt how to work here and the interests of the Indian customers and we are here to stay in the long-run. In the last six months, we have seen 25 to 30% increase in our revenues. The latest GST law is a good initiative by the government of India which will help us expand our business in India. The present format of GST may have some defects, but in the long-run with reforms, we hope it is going to be very useful for us and to the industry.”

TPLinks motto: ‘Live with intuition and work with innovation

“TP-Link always strives to stand up to our motto: Live with intuition and work with innovation. In the last 2 decades of our global presence, we have evolved into a company of USD 2.1 billion and established our presence in over 140 countries, with our products being used in homes, SOHOs, SMBs and enterprises. TP-Link offers highly reliable and easy-to-use solutions to customers, while also offering seamless connectivity. Even a layman or housewife can use our solutions with ease. With digitization increasing day-by-day, security is becoming critically important, not only to SMBs and corporates, but also to homes and SOHOs. Since we pay utmost attention to security, we introduced several products with security at-the-gateway-level. We have a wide range of products in wired and wireless categories to meet the needs of different customers. We are very optimistic about our role in providing for the future needs of the Indian market,” shares Sanjay Sehgal, VPSales & Marketing, SMB & Telecom Business, TPLink India.

Sanjay Sehgal, VP—Sales & Marketing, SMB & Telecom Business, TP-Link India
Sanjay Sehgal, VP—Sales & Marketing, SMB & Telecom Business, TP-Link India

TP-Link, with a proven heritage of stability, performance and value, has curated a portfolio of products that meet the networking needs of different segments and users. With the connected lifestyle continually evolving across the world and also in India, the TP-Link is future-ready and is embarked on expanding its portfolio to exceed the demands of tomorrow. TP-Link’s Neffos brand for smartphones is the beginning of their long-awaited entrance into the smartphone market. With smartphones becoming omnipresent supported by revolutionary changes in the communication industry, Neffos aims to create the most human-oriented mobile devices to meet the demands of the new digital era and strives to seamlessly connect people and devices. Recently, TP-Link has also forayed into mobile accessories segment.

TPLink focuses on latest technology and imaginativeselection

 “In the wireless networking and smart home solutions, India has evolved a lot and we see a lot of scope in this space. While bringing more innovations like smart watches, home solutions, etc, we are also developing networking and IoT solutions of higher capacity. This year we got a big tender from a prominent telecom service provider in India and we are also working with several medium-size ISPs at regional and nation levels. We have highly efficient teams working on this front,” comments Howard He, Product Director, TPLink India.

Howard He, Product Director, TP-Link India

Through technological advancements and imaginative-selection, TP-LINK continues to grow and is striving to become one of the Top 3 networking solution providers in the world and TP-LINK’s global achievements have received recognition across the world. With focus on quality and commitment, TP-LINK continues to develop award-winning products, offering a complete range of networking solutions consisting of Routers, Adapters, Cameras, Switches and many other Wired and Wireless devices for both Home and Office use. TP-Link India is working with continued zeal to increase its market share in networking business supported by its excellent product positioning and effective channel engagement program.

TPLink has a wide range of products with specific plans for India

In the recent times, data has become more affordable and with telecom providers offering liberal schemes and the use of Internet has become a common thing. With Digital India concept gaining momentum, establishing an efficient Internet-connectivity depends on the right products like Wi-Fi routers and modems.

Bijoy Alaylo, General Manager – SOHO Sales, TP-Link India

Bijoy Alaylo, General Manager SOHO Sales, TPLink India, shares, “With rapidly increasing levels of data usage, India is set to witness an Internet revolution in terms of Speed and Connectivity. In this regard, TP-Link has a wide range of products to offer, in comparison to competitors. TP-Link is now gaining increasing acceptance by the users across the industry. TP-Link has aggressive plans for upcountry market in India. The year 2018 is crucial to TP-Link as we want to expand our presence in T2, T3 and T4 cities. The retail outlets in these cities are very  important, we want to focus more on these retails through regular channel partners and also we are investing on providing the right shop-end displays and enhancing the brand visibility in and around the retails to attract more customer attention.”


Kunal Raul, General Manager Smart Home & accessories, TP-Link India Pvt Ltd

TP-Link is increasingly engaging with partners to tap opportunities in non-metro cities, “We are organizing regular partner meets in different Tier 2 and 3 cities to penetrate into new markets. This has been helping us in increasing our brand reach and expanding the channel. We effectively overcame many challenges in networking space in India, for instance, recently ISPs started offering high speed Internet connectivity to their consumers, but consumers were not aware about upgrading routers. This was a challenge, where we were required to educate masses about the need of using high-end AC technology routers to create an efficient network, how to connect smart home automation devices like smart bulbs and smart plugs, etc,”elaborates   Kunal Raul, General Manager Smart Home & accessories, TPLink India Pvt Ltd

At last:

TP-Link, being a very channel-friendly company in India, able to increase its market share significantly with the support of committed channel partners. TPLink’s channel-support system aids the partners to have a better experience of doing business with rewards to the top performers, financial schemes, foreign trips and special region-wise schemes.

The brand is always ahead in providing the best marketing support to the channel to boost branding across the regions. TP-Link, which has been already at the front in providing excellent marketing support, also wants to boost its service support. “Besides our presence at different levels, online portals, offline channel, retails and also LFRs, we have our own service centers in all the top 10 cities and now we are extending our service support infra to T2 ,T3 and T4 cities by opening more service centers to give faster and prompt service to customers,” Kunal Raul concludes.