“India is going to be an important market for Pantum in the...

“India is going to be an important market for Pantum in the coming years”

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Edited by: Swapan Roy

Pantum is a laser printer brand that has shown significant progress in the printing industry and market penetration around the world in a very short period of time. Pantum printers are currently marketed and distributed in over 50 countries including China, USA, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and India. In an interaction with NCN, Michael Qin, Deputy Sales Director (AP, MEA, OEM), Pantum and Vibhor Agarwal, Director for India Market, Supertron, the Pantum’s National Distributor, share how they plan to position, promote and establish Pantum brand in the Indian market.

Pantum develops, manufactures and sells laser printers and toner cartridges in their state-of-the-art facilities in China, supported by their advanced R&D department. Pantum provides laser printers with advanced core technologies backed by comprehensive self-developed patent systems. The company has a mission to provide users with reliable, cost-effective and environment-friendly printing solutions.

Michael Qin shares, “We are glad to have signed up Supertron as our National Distributor for India. After weighing several factors and strengths such as infrastructure, manpower, geographical coverage and reputation of Supertron, we came to the conclusion that Supertron is the ideal candidate to be the National Distributors for Pantum in India. India is going to be an important market for us in the coming years and we will work together with Supertron to take Pantum to the next level in the Indian market.”

Vibhor Agarwal reveals, “Supertron as a distributor has the best-in-class infrastructure, wide access to the market through branch offices spread across India and a professionally trained staff to deal with different situations. We are excited to enter into a partnership with Pantum. Pantum as a brand has the top-class manufacturing system, strong business and ethical policies and isvery serious about setting their presence in the Indian market. We are sure that if we work together, it will place us both in a Win-Win situation.”
Michael Qin shares, “Currently we have 10 laser printer models and we will add 3 more models in 2019. For 2019, our main focus will be on entry and middle level models. Our models have the latest features and technology, and more cost-effective compared with the competing models. Next, we have our own patented technologies and we update our products continuously based on the feedback from the third parties, users and channel partners. Our machines give higher ppm rates and price-wise. They are competitive. We are giving 1-year warranty and excellent backup service support. We will provide more suitable printers and cost-effective cartridge solutions based on the needs of India market.

Regarding channel strategy, Vibhor Agarwal clarifies, “We have different models for different segments such as government, SIs, etc. The conventional way of promoting is we as ND would reach the market through local and regional sub-distributors, and the other way is directly reaching customers and through SI partners who will place our products with the users. We use both methods depending upon the profile of end users and the regional conditions. When it comes to educating our channel partners, we are working together with Pantum, to organize roadshows and product training sessions to the partners so that they can have firsthand knowledge of our products and market policies.”

Pantum strives to provide users with reliable, affordable, environment-friendly printing solutions and services. As a part of expansion, Pantum is looking for passionate, creative and dedicated distributors to grow with them. Pantum has been constantly expanding and upgrading its laser printer product-line which includes single-function, multi-function and high-speed duplex printers targeted at SOHO, SMB, educational institutions and medium-to-large business segment. Pantum’s goal is to provide new era printing solutions.

Vibhor Agarwal concludes, “Seeing Pantum’s focus and commitment, we are sure if Pantum and Supertron work together, Pantum will soon establish as a strong brand in the Indian market. We want to see Pantum become one of the top brands for laser printers in the Indian market.”

Pantum is a brand that offers value-for-money printer products with the latest features at affordable prices. On the other hand, Supertron is one of the leading Value-Added-Distributors in India backed by the best infrastructure, professionally trained manpower, channel network and reach. To get the best out of their efforts, also they should complement their efforts with effective promotion and brand positioning. We are sure that if Pantum and Supertron work together systematically, soon Pantum will emerge as one of the leading providers of laser printers in India.