COMPUTEX 2017 set to open with Attractive Themes & Latest Innovations

COMPUTEX 2017 set to open with Attractive Themes & Latest Innovations

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Computex 2017 is expected to be a bigger event compared to earlier shows with more advanced innovations and new products displayed. Those ICT technocrats, businessmen, partners, who want to be connected to the latest developments, Computex 2017 is the destination.

The world’s biggest ICT expo COMPUTEX, held every year in Taipei, Taiwan, that attracts top companies from across the world to display their latest innovations and products. This year’s COMPUTEX 2017 is all set to open on May 30 (and last till June 2, 2017) on a grand scale, with a new position of Building Global Technology Ecosystems, with over 1600 exhibitors using 5010 booths. Since 2014, China has been the number one participating country, accounting for 10% of COMPUTEX visitors while exhibitors account for 15% of total exhibitors.

COMPUTEX 2017, with its effective new position of ‘Building Global Technology Ecosystems,’ will focus on 5 main themes: AI & Robotics, Innovations & Startups, Business Solutions, IoT Applications, and Gaming & VR. Expecting to connect more industry resources with business opportunities, COMPUTEX 2017 will feature four exhibition areas:computex-1 SmarTEX, InnoVEX, iStyle, and Gaming & VR showing the latest products and technology research and development. InnoVEX, exclusive stage for startups, debuted last year, will continue to provide opportunities for 230 start-ups and innovators from 20 countries worldwide. The exhibitor list includes Dutch AI company, Travis, French company, Tempow, South Korean company, Secugraph, and more. InnoVEX includes showcases of innovative products, forums & seminars, Pitch Contest, Demos, and matchmaking activities to benefit new ventures. The second edition of InnoVEX will be held from May 30 to June 1, 2017 at TWTC Hall 3 in Taipei.

With tremendous room for future development, COMPUTEX catches the AI opportunity and invites industry leaders such as heavyweight manufacturers, TESLA, an all-electric powertrain car manufacturer to demonstrate autopilot and artificial intelligence to replace human brains. Other exhibitors such as gaming artificial intelligence assistant, Nvidia and smart solution, Nervana, by Intel are something to look forward to at COMPUTEX 2017.

Gaming & VR exhibit will gather exhibitors such as Acer, Asus, Cooler Master, Gigabyte, G.Skill, In Win, MSI, Thermaltake, a total of about 60 gaming brands. In addition, worldwide gaming contests such as Modding, the ZOTAC CUP MASTERS, and Overclocking World Cup will take place during COMPUTEX 2017. These top eSports events combine displays with competitions, breaking the traditional PC stereotype while allowing world experts and professional players to experience the latest products first hand.MSI

Now registration is open for CPX Conference A-list Speakers to Share Insight on IoT & AI at COMPUTEX 2017. TAITRA announced that CPX Conference, one of the most-anticipated events of COMPUTEX 2017, will be held from May 30 to June 1 at the Banquet Hall of Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). With the theme ‘From Mobility to Intelligence,’ the conference will include two keynote sessions, ‘Future Technology Trends’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ and two forums, ‘IoT+’ and ‘Innovations & Startups.’ Executives from leading high-tech companies and pioneers of innovative service providers will serve as speakers and share their insight on the global technology’s future development trends.

Leading Gaming Companies to Disrupt Immersive Experience

TAITRA will add a Gaming & VR exhibit computex-4area this year and feature key exhibitors like ASUS, GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, MSI and Thermaltake. COMPUTEX 2017 will also host CyberMods 24hrs international PC case modding competition and ZOTAC Cup Masters, an esport competition, to highlight the gaming market’s emerging momentum in the post-PC era.

Gaming & VR is one of the five themes at COMPUTEX 2017 and nearly 60 gaming companies have signed up as exhibitors. Leading exhibitors were invited to the press conference today, during which ASUS demonstrated its premium gaming products and GIGABYTE presented the company’s most innovative and reliable devices. Other highlights included high performance overclocking memories and gaming peripherals from G.SKILL, comprehensive high-end gaming systems from MSI, and the industry’s first vertical tower chassis with glass panels and liquid cooling system from Thermaltake. These ground-breaking achievements of the gaming ecosystem were revealed to demonstrate COMPUTEX’s commitment to bring the industry’s leading players together and expand the gaming market.

For the first time in history, COMPUTEX 2017 is featuring gaming & virtual reality (VR) as one of its five themes and setting up a dedicated “Gaming & VR” area on the exhibition floor, bringing nearly 60 manufacturers from around the world such as Acer, ASUS, Cooler Master, G.SKILL, GIGABYTE, IN WIN, MSI, Thermaltake, ZOTAC, and more to demonstrate the comprehensive gaming ecosystem. The emergence of gaming sector has driven PC component makers to start focusing on high-end consumer products for better profit margins. As more gamers build their own unique gear with DIY components, PC component makers will enjoy new market opportunities.

Reliability, speed, and performance are what gamers care most and also what exhibitors’ products are striving to demonstrate at COMPUTEX. In addition to the usual accessories, gamers also care about and prefer to choose their own motherboards, memory modules, and graphics cards as they build their one-of-a-kind gaming gear. To meet the extreme demand of speed and performance in competitive gaming, exhibitors like G.SKILL, Intel, NVIDIA, and SUPERMICO are offering products with ultimate setups to provide fast, smooth, and stable gaming performance.

In addition to ultimate performance, gamers also want total immersion in their gaming experience. They invest heavily on accessories and upgrade or replace their hardware equipment more frequently. Gamers look for cool designs, extremely fast response time, and deeply immersed experiences when they shop for gaming gear. In recent years, vendors like Acer, ASUS, Cooler Master, GIGABYTE, IN WIN, MSI, Thermaltake and ZOTAC continue to release flagship product lines to address such needs as high-precision durable mice, crystal-clear vivid displays, high-definition audio devices, water-cooling panoramic tower chassis, lighting accessories, and more. Not only do they appeal to gamers’ crave for performance, but they also provide an audio & visual feast on their senses.

SmarTEX Showcase Latest IoT Innovations

COMPUTEX 2017 will feature the latest innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and applications at its IoT-focused SmarTEX exhibit.computex-3 Following its very successful debut at COMPUTEX 2016, SmarTEX will again provide a glimpse of future lifestyles and commerce made possible by IoT. At SmarTEX, attendees will find IoT applications in trending information and communications technology (ICT) categories including security solutions, smart home and entertainment, wearables, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), automotive electronics and smart technology solutions. Among COMPUTEX exhibitors this year are industry leaders involved in designing, developing, and delivering IoT solutions for IoT Solutions (Intel, Microsoft, ARM, Dell, Supermicro), Home Security (VIVOTEK, SMANOS Holding, AMARYLLO, …), Smart Home & Entertainment (Gigabyte, Taiwan Secom, …), ZotacWearable Technology (Jorjin Technologies, SKYPIONEER, …), Internet of Vehicles and Automotive Electronics (Tesla, Trans Electric, PAPAGO, …) and  Smart Technology Solutions (Askey, MiTAC).

These SmarTEX exhibitors are at the forefront of an IoT market that Gartner, Inc. forecasts will include 8.4 billion connected things in use worldwide in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. Gartner also forecasts that total spending on endpoints and services will reach almost $2 trillion in 2017.

At Last

Computex 2017 is expected to be a bigger event compared to earlier shows with more advanced innovations and new products displayed. Those ICT technocrats, businessmen, partners, who want to be connected to the latest developments, Computex 2017 is the destination. As a Media Partner of Computex, we wish the show will conclude as a highly productive and engaging event of the year and inspire & drive the global ICT industry to commanding heights.


COMPUTEX d&i Award 2017

The COMPUTEX d&i Awards, organized by TAITRA and iF, The International Forum Design, is entering the 10th anniversary. Every year, hundreds of entries are received and top designed quality ICT products are selected by a jury compose of a group of global top industrial designers. Selections are based on the following 5 standards: ‘Innovation and Elaboration,’ ‘Functionality,’ ‘Aesthetics,’ ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Positioning.’ Selected winners will receive comprehensive international promotional opportunities from COMPUTEX, including traveling on a display tour to world ICT shows.

With the rapid development of the global ICT industry, industries under the internet infrastructure are working toward the generation of artificial intelligence development. While looking into the global industry trend of 2017, COMPUTEX sets a new position of “Building Global Technology Ecosystem” to focus on five main themes: ‘AI and Robotics,’ ‘IoT applications,’ ‘Innovations and Startups’, ‘Business Solutions’ and ‘Gaming & VR.’ And the COMPUTEX d&i awards will add new award categories such as “Robots and Artificial Intelligence”, “Internet of things” and “AR/VR Devices + Content” to encourage integration of innovative applications and upgrade industrial technology development.