Zyxel ATP200

Zyxel ATP200

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Next-Gen Firewall for SMBs

SMEs can stay away from zero-day attacks thanks to the new pair of firewalls presented by Zyxel. The Taiwanese vendor ATP appliance series represents an all-in-one gateway solution that integrates sandboxing cloud functionality with numerous additional security levels, integrated to detect and block known and unknown threats. Sandboxing takes care of analyzing incoming data packets in a limited environment to determine their reliability.

The known threats, however, never reach this level because the ATPs evaluate incoming information by checking the integrity of their signature. In addition to receiving regular updates of the signatures just reported by reliable sources, like Bitdefender or Cyren, Zyxel’s firewalls also receive a continuous stream of updates for each new zero-day threat identified by every other ATP appliance in the world.

Zyxel’s ATP200 is a completely integrated high performance network security appliance for small offices with high speed WAN connections. ATP200 delivers unbeatable protection from known and unknown threats such as malware, ransomware, cryptojacking, websites and unauthorized applications for smaller-sized enterprises. Advanced sandboxing and machine learning cloud intelligence defeats unknown threats with muli-layered protection. With built in wireless controller, the ATP makes it easy to deploy additional wireless extensions for the office or for guest network access. Integrated WLAN controller makes it easier to add wireless coverage for private and guest networks using Zyxel managed Access Points.

It is empowered by cloud intelligence to level up network protection, especially in tackling unknown threats. The ZyWALL ATP Firewall not only supports all Zyxel security service such as Web security, Application Security, Malware Blocker, etc., but also sandboxing and SecuReporter, and, last but not least, an infographic dashboard, delivering high performance and ensuring comprehensive protection as a self-evolving solution.

ZyWALL ATP Firewalls benefits include:

  • Self-Evolving Cloud Intelligence – Self-Evolving Cloud Intelligence – Cloud Threat Database real-time syncs with all ATP Firewalls so that the cloud machine learning intelligence reaches out to every Gold-Packed ATP firewall. The cloud and the ATP firewall are thus connected as a security ecosystem that learns together, grows stronger, and always stays immune to new unknown attacks. Cloud Threat Database never stops expanding and evolving, by merging multiple databases and learning from all threat information from each and every ATP deployed in the field. Buy one ATP, enjoy protection power from all ATP firewalls around the globe!.
  • Cloud Sandboxing – Unknown files that cannot be identified by the security service are isolated in a cloud environment where the potential threat is assessed across multiple platforms.
  • High-Assurance Multi-Layered Protection – Multi-layered protection guards against multiple types of threats both internally and externally. Content filtering and anti-SPAM work in conjunction with anti-malware to provide more complete defenses.
  • Analytics and Visibility – With built-in powerful dashboard provides 7-day network usage and threat analysis. Users can easily get a grip about what’s going on in their network. For those pursuing security analytics, the product bundled with SecuReporter – a cloud-based intelligent analytics and reporting tool further gives full analysis in more aspects with required details. What’s even better is it can deliver customized reports with embedded company logo based on your settings, and SecuReporter APP sends alert to you anytime for you to spot any network abnormality before it gets too late!”.
  • In-Depth Reporting – Cloud-based intelligent analytics and reporting provides network administrators with a centralized view of user activities and threat statistics for the entire network. Analysis and reporting tools include: network security threat identification and analysis, security services, security events, application usage, website and traffic usage, VPN status, and device health status.
  • Subscription Service – The modular subscription service enables users to configure the feature set for their specific business requirements. Subscription service modules include: sandboxing, web and application security, malware blocker, intrusion protection, geo enforcer, managed AP service, and SecuReporter.

Zyxel ATP200 firewall features:

  • High Performance Advanced Threat Protection UTM Firewall: 2000Mbps FW / 500Mbps VPN / 1200Mbps IDP / 450Mbps UTM / 600k Sessions
  • Includes Hardware and 1 Year Full UTM Gold Security Bundle to stay protected all year long. *Additional years purchased seperately. Year begins on activation/registration
  • Protect both wired and wireless networks by blocking websites like Facebook with Web Security, and blocking Malware, Ransomware and P2P downloading with Application Security and Malware Blocker with Sandboxing
  • Fanless design makes it ideal for small offices around 50 people and internet WAN connections below 300Mbps
  • Robust and Secure VPN options: SSL, L2TP and IPSec VPN support for site to site, client to site or mobile to site (IPSec: 40 Included, SSL: 10 Included) *Client side software sold separately.