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Featuring a completely new keyboard design with 16M LED colors and dedicated media keys, the premium HyperX Alloy RGB keyboard offers gamers dynamic lighting profiles and control. The new ALLOY RGB keyboard will allow gamers to customize and control the key color settings and includes an alloy metal frame for durability.

Corsair: K63CorsairKB

100% CHERRY MX Red mechanical keyswitches: Gold-contact CHERRY MX mechanical gaming keyswitches deliver the ultimate performance and competitive advantage. Per-key red LED backlighting and large font keycaps: Brilliant red LED backlighting enhances the experience with dynamic and virtually unlimited lighting adjustability. Compact, ten keyless design: Great for travel, and you’ll have more room for your mouse. Dedicated volume and multimedia controls: Control to adjust media on-the-fly, without interrupting your game. 100% Anti-ghosting with full key rollover: No matter how fast your in-game actions are your keystrokes always register the way you intended. The power of CUE: Fully programmable with CUE to assign macros to any key and create dynamic lighting effects. Windows Key Lock mode: Stay focused and prevents accidental Windows and Context Menu key presses.


The Suora also comes complete with full ROCCAT Swarm support. Swarm is the software incarnation of ROCCAT’s future ready philosophy. ROC-Suora_TopIt’ll cover you for all relevant gaming platforms and devices. It’s the next-gen system that keeps on top of all games, apps and ROCCAT products in one place. It’s a veritable gaming command HQ that’ll keep you up to speed. The raw design lets you get closer in touch with the action, for lightning-fast and distraction-free gameplay. It isn’t much good having an intuitively designed keyboard built for speed if the keys can’t keep up with your hot action. The Suora features an advanced anti-ghosting matrix that ensures every key stroke will be registered, time and time again. With its 1000Hz (1ms) polling rate the Suora will be with you every key stroke of the way, each and every time. Its solid construction is complemented by tough mechanical keys with a staggering 50 million key stroke lifecycle.