INTEX IT- 12006 FMUB: Your complete entertainment solution 

INTEX IT- 12006 FMUB: Your complete entertainment solution 

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Intex  recently added new models to its existing 2.0 range of high-end tower speakers. The new model have been named as the IT- 12006 FMUB.

Lets start of with the packaging, the twin speakers comes with a good compact packaging both the speakers comes in an individual cardboard packs with well padded from both the sides.

The build quality of these speakers is also good, though it look huge but not so heavy and you can move them easily from one place to another. It has a very decor-friendly, sleek and elegant design, that really blends well with any surroundings.

The  IT- 12006 FMUB comes with LED display, multi color lights and Floor dancing display lights that is really perfect to set the mood for a house party, and if you are not that kind of jazzy person, then you can simply put them off via remote.

Speakers are powered with 50W + 50W output power giving a high performance. Operated by full function remote, making speakers ideal for home or office use. Cordless MIC function encompasses all modes with digital MIC volume & ECHO control.  Easy to use, these speakers have superior quality of loudness, crystal clarity and powerful sound effect, being accessible from anywhere in the range of up to 7 to 8 meter.

You can also enjoy non-stop music by connecting it with Bluetooth, USB or FM. We can say that Intex, IT- 12006 FMUB serve as a complete entertainment solution for your home and office.